Flax Meal Pancakes

It was requested I share my latest pancake concoction with you. 

My flax cakes as I dub them.  (I know-I’m so creative…use flax meal and call them flaxcakes.)


1/2 cup flax meal

¼ cup flour of your choice (wheat, buckwheat, white…)

1 egg (not needed but I like the extra protein)

1 tsp baking powder

Sweetener if you are into that

(then whatever flavors you want…I’ve added a half cup of pumpkin or greek yogurt, both grand choices).

Mix ½ cup HOT (this is important) water with the flax meal.  The flax will soak it up and be more flour consistent if you use hot.  Otherwise they won’t stick).

Then let it sit for a minute or two and add all your other ingredients + water if you want it thinner (it does not matter the temperature).

Then eat.  I’m going through a flax meal craze right now since it’s such a good source of fat and plus the egg, these pancakes offer a really good amount of it.

Question for you:

Do you use flax?

What is your (current) favorite type of pancake?