365 Days of Progression

Ha-Last night when I went about my business, I saw many girls wearing “crop tops” and so many more for sale at the mall too.  Apparently this is a legit big style and I just missed it.  Oh well.


Because I am going to celebrate my one year bloggaversary tomorrow with a post of why I began blogging in the first place (because I think .000001% of you know) I thought I would share some highlights of the year since last August 14th  in a somewhat timeline form.

In August, I went on a fancy date with aDuBs. 

I left for school.

I even climbed a mountain for cross country preseason camp.

In September, I had the best race ever and placed 3rd overall out of 200 girls.  That is only time I have ever felt I ever showed what I could really do in running.

Followed by having the most socially awkward swimming formal ever and another cross country race the next morning.

I was a pumpkin for Halloween.  True life: This costume is the highlight of my Junior year.

November marked the end of cross country season and I made besties at our championships.  It was held in an abandon airfield.  Some girl purposely tripped and spiked the $hit out of my leg.  I actually have a permanent scar from that.  Battle scar baby.

After cross country, I led the swim team (with Julie) in whack@zz cheers several times.

The first week of December, I swam in the most competitive race on my life.  I ou ttouched a girl in the mile by .08 seconds and qualified for our championship swim meet.  For my running besties, that is like out touching someone in the 5k by .08 seconds.  Thank god for touch pads.

When I was at home on break, I ran a poorly designed 5k with aDuBs and ended up running 3.8 miles.  My brothers cross country team got so lost that he ran over 5 miles and came in behind walkers.  It was in the trails during the snow storm that hit the east coast.

I had a training trip to Puerto Rico in which I swam four hours daily with my swimming best frienzz.

I also to lead off a relay which is never a good thing.

I’m pretty sure I had a blogging burnout in January. 

In February, I didn’t make it back to finals in a race I did so well sophomore year but I still had an awesome time and visited Niagra Falls.

I fractured my heels quite soon after beginning to run again and then was about to run for the first time on St.  Patrick’s Day at the local campus 5k race.  I think I ran around 23 after not running for a month.  I don’t actually remember, I just remember flicking a lot of campus off for their vulgar banter at the race.

The spring marked a pretty easy semester and I immediately got back into running.  I ran my first, second and third half marathons.  PRing each time.

And even scored a photo with the famous Katelyn at the Rochacha half.  (I plan to do that next year babycakes).  

In June, I watched my brother graduate.

July, I celebrated my 21st birthday and got a stress fracture all in the same day.

This August has been pretty uneventful but here is my favorite photo thus far.

celebrating 10 years of friendship<3

Well that about sums up my last year.  I have enjoyed 99.9% of it and I want to thank you guys for reading my blog.  I love each and every one of you.  Obviously a blog would be nothing without it’s readers and you guys rock my socks.  So if you ever in the VA/NY area.  Let’s be real life besties too.  


I must say my life has progressed a lot in the last 365 days and here is to another progression of 365 days.  That and I’ll be in my final internship.  Dear god, help the real world because I’m coming for ya.

Question for you:

Where has your life taken you in the last 365 days?