2 Mile Open Water Swim

Okay so 8ish hour drive from home to New York City=finally stalking your lives and catching up.  I’ve missed you guys.  I have passed my lovely human anatomy class and now sadly I don’t have a date with Latisha every MW night.  So sad…

Anywho-so back to my daily musings.  I’ll begin with a race recap because it’s more interesting than food.

On Saturday, I swam an open water 2 mile swim in the NYC area.  I have actually been participating in this race longer than any other races-both running and swimming.  This year was particularly brutal but still fun.

After getting to the pier, I checked in where the race official/register simply calls me Potsdam.  Since I swear he can’t remember my name and I’m the only person in the world that goes to college at Potsdam.  I arrived and he was like oh Potsdam gonna drown today?

True life. 

Anywho, after getting all my crap and getting my race number drawn on, I shot the breeze with people and waited for the ferry.   I am still extremely bitter that I’m not in the 19> age category so I can’t be race number 1.  Sadly-I was 5.

The daddykins

The race actually begins on an island in the sound, so we have to take about a 15 minute Ferry there.  But first-guess who was racing too?!


I also met Beth who is equally as awesome and a kick ass athlete. Can you guys both do all my biking (they biked 20 miles after the race…I went shopping…)

(PS: force her to make you the greatest orange chocolate cookies ever.  I ate the entire bag in the car 5 seconds after getting into it.  True life..that is why there is no photo.)

Anywho-we got to the island around 7:45 and the race started at 8:30.

I did a nice warmup of about 10 meters  Please don’t think I’m joking because it’s not.  I don’t warm up for open water swims very often.  I get used to the water and call it a day.

The buoys were so straight...

This year the temperature was 72 degrees and when I got hypothermia 2 years ago, it was 71.

So it was cold.

The race was an out and back course.  You swim out a mile-look back and think oh dear god and then come back.  At least that is what I do.

There were some crazy waves that drowned me lungs with salt water.  I feel like I got enough of that.

I’m terrible at sighting during open water swims so I normally find someone to creep on and follow them.  It normally works out well but this race I creeped on the wrong clown.  He ran straight into the 5 foot buoy.  Like legit just swam right into it.  I nearly had to stop because I was choking on salt water already and then laughing at him did not equal.  I then decided that it was 600 meters to the shore and I could find it myself.

True life.  The hardest part of the swim for me was the 10 meter dash up the beach at the end.  I kind of limped my way up there and called it a day.  One guy fell-so I didn’t feel too bad for taking it slow.

Please enjoy my uncle. He is adorbs.

I ended up getting second in my age group (ha).  I finished the 2 miler in 1:01.  This is my first year over an hour but I’m not too concerned since it was so choppy.  This race has seen me at my best and worse.

I was the top female overall 3 years back, got hypothermia 2 years ago, 1 year ago I finished pretty strong and this year I finished.  I think it just shows how mentally exhausted I am of swimming.  I love swimming, don’t get me wrong but after next college season-I’m going to take a few years off and come back another time when I’m mentally fresh. 

Now that I think about it-I have been swimming for about 15 years.  I have had a few months off now and again with my shoulder issues but I was still at the pool.  Swimming is different from so many other sports, that there really isn’t a definitive time you are “in season.”  It’s all the freaking time. I also manage a pool.  I spend 16 hours during college pool staring at a damn black lane.  I teach swimming lessons periodically.  I seriously never get away from the pool. Swimming has seen me progress and grow up but in a year it’s time for a break. 

I say that now…but I also said I would stop buying gas station coffee and I would never run.

Well enough of Sally Sappy.  I’ll have more photos later, because my aunt and uncles love taking them but these are just the ones from my camera.