Human Discoballing

Today’s WEGO was based on pinning some things (health related) from pinterest.  I’m not saying that this is true for every health related topic on there-but the majority of fitness and health pins are something along the lines of:

“Strong is the new skinny”

Or some bs like that.  I’m sorry but every single one of those girls (while they may be strong) is still extremely skinny.  What kind of health message is that saying?

Not really one I care to pin and since my health focus is more fitness related-I’m sitting this WEGO out and opting for one of the bonus and sub prompts they sent me as well.


WEGO: Bonus round, Define a happy place.

I’ll preface this with I’m 100% joking (and I’ve drank a total of 2 times this semester…).  I do, however, never regret going out.

But my happy place (Saturday night) was at the bars.  It all started around 10pm, when I was having a rather rough night.  I was stressed with school, had plans broken to hang out with people and everything just kind of piled up.  I was laying on my sofa, having a girlie cry fest and my housemate was like…let’s go to the bars!

Okay fine (and got ready in about 5 minutes).  I became a human discoball and proceeded to tell everyone that.  I got this dress at Express forever ago, but never had an occasion to wear it.

Then I ended up having a few drinks (and for me, since I don’t drink…that is a lot).

My housemate and I. 🙂

So my happy place from 11pm-2am on Saturday-Sunday was at the bars dancing.  I don’t regret it.  I did manage to take a few photos (which for me is like epic proportions).

I mention Justin time to time. He ran the 50k in my area in December....and not that is not my hand.

A friend of mine Kirstin. (Please note the photobomber in the background. ;))

The photobomber himself (someone I run with often) Tim! Nice enough to take a real life photo with me...good ole iphone quality of course!

Questions for you: 

1.       Do you like to stay in or go out?

I’m normally a stay at it sort of gal, but it’s nice to go out sometimes.  🙂

2.        Where is your happy place?

Mine is normally just relaxing and hanging out in a warm environment.  lolz


Fisher Cats!

It’s Wednesday and I honestly have no idea what to talk about so I wrote a variety of sentences.  They don’t flow and are numbered, then for good measure added some photos.  If you know me in real life then you know that’s how my mind works.

Most of you know it’s lent.  I gave up gas station coffee for lent.  I’m not going into religion on my blog-I’m just informing you, this will probably be moderately difficult for me.  I will probably not mention it again but if you want to check up on me feel free to email.  🙂 I’m also going to throw out that my biggest pet peeve is people who use lent for a diet that aren’t even religious.

*Okay really I’m done.

  1. I lifted weights yesterday for the first time.  Lower resistance than when I could before my arm, but boy did it feel goooood.
  2. My running is coming along nicely this week.  I’m still sticking to easy runs, and we all know I could write a small novel on how UNTIMED easy runs have benefited me.   I’m really starting to get back into the grove which means I don’t have an excuse to not work my core either.  So there coach.  😉
  3. Potsdam weather has been warmer.  It’s been 30 or so degrees but warm.
  4. Finally to actually hit why I titled my blog my housemate and I discovered a family of fishers “cats” in an abandon foundation near my house.  (by near I mean it’s across the road).  They are somewhat scary and disgusting.  We’ve been tracking and notice they come out more at night time.  I guess that is to scare off our drunk neighbors.  I wouldn’t want to be anywhere remotely close to them when they do come out.

This is what google provided me when learning more about them

Question for you: Tell me a fun fact about anything you please.   I’ll leave you with this glorious ecard and continue not writing my papers. 

Weekend Jives & Dudes Acting Hardcore vLog

Sundays are normally when I post my training regiment but I’ll just kind of bullet point all my points of interest since I broke my arm and although I could run right now (broke my arm-not leg), I’m going to let it at least solidify over so I don’t cause any sort of uneven set in the bone, causing a cast, or causing surgery.  If I just wait-I won’t have that problem.  So win. 

Point numero uno: Let me tell you of my workout regiment.  It basically consists of begging the Arctrainer to not hurt me (generally it’s going pretty well) and not using my arms.  So with that being said this week I logged “miles” on the Arc.  But miles aren’t really the same arc via training.  I normally go by time and since my previous running schedule had me running about an hour and a half everyday, I sub in about an hour and a half of Arc everyday.

But not in a row because that would be boring.  I break it up 1 hour in the morning and 30 minutes at night. 

Also as all elliptical sessions-don’t do steady state.  If you do interval you will keep your fitness much longer.  Just a fun fact.  I can tell you what I do if you’d like…

Point two: My best friend aDuBs has started updating her blog againMake her your best friend too and then come visit us.

Number three: I hate slings but I’m making the best of it…but it does allow me to dance at night clubs.  Yes, I went there.

No I did not wear this outfit.

Four’s a score: Since I had it in tact-I went to the bars last night with these lovely ladies.

Love my ladies...but not iPhone quality photos.

Because I can dance.  It was somewhat a terrible idea-but still fun.

And finally: A requested vLog about what I think about dudes on the internet acting more hardcore in real life.

Other than that-my weekend was tame. 

See you in the work week!

Question for you: How was your weekend?


Also-I think I’ll have a special giveaway at 500 followers.  I believe that is roughly 20 more to go-though with all this injury whining I might lose some before gaining.  

Why Yes I Did Break My Arm

Forgive me for a double post session today, I was looking for inspiration of what to blog about this week.  But then it hit me-

Literally, I fell down-hit the ice and broke my arm. 

But as much as I want to whine and cry and wish this wasn’t my life, it isn’t as bad as I thought it would be.  You see, my official diagnosis is “humeral neck fracture”.  The best way to explain this is I have a stress fracture in the top of my arm.  It supposedly heals very quickly (4 weeks) and I could be running in as little as 2.  How awesome…maybe my knee will be 100% by then.

This is just what the Xray looked like...What you don't believe me?

As I slipped and fell (on the solid 6 inches of ice)-I knew.  I knew that I had broken my arm and I knew this was just not a normal fall (mostly because I couldn’t lift my arm above my head). Before I went to the doctor-I was 95% sure I had broken something.  That is why I went to the ER immediately instead of going to make some lunch.  My housemate (who is fantastic) met me at the hospital (which is .25 miles from my house…incase you forgot-I have already been this school year).

I’m really trying to stay positive on my blog because I hate negativeness (I mean who wants to read about that crap).

But I honestly feel like I have the worst luck in the world.

I had an awesome race at the beginning of the month.  Awesome-It really gave me a taste of how awesome running fast could be.  It has been the ONLY race in my entire career that I can say-WOW I worked hard and I got sweet results.

And that is what I do.

Work hard.   All the time and I truly put so much effort into my running.

And I just feel so annoyed more than anything that I can’t show that to the world.  I mean for those of you who have been running for years and years, I’m happy for you-I truly am.  I’m not the same though.  Out of the year and a half I have even LIKED running, I’ve been injured 5 of those months.

5 of those months.

I’ve been building a base for 99.9% of those months.

I don’t get to do speed workouts because I’m always injured or recovering.  I want to have a consistent year of running in 2012.  I’m sorry but I’m not sorry.  I know I could be so good at running and have so much more to improve but I just don’t get that chance

And it’s probably the most annoying thing in the world.

I’m not looking for sympathy in fact, I’m just looking to get my rant out of the way.  I know it will heal and I know it is *VERY* minor in the breaking bones end.  I also know it’s extremely annoying and I just want to show the world that I am fully capable of running to my potential.

Sometimes I just want some ranting room.  Someone to listen to me.  Not try and relate their problems to mine.  Not try and tell me that they injured themselves and we are living the same life in the same situation.  Not try and tell me oh my god you’ll get better so soon.  To just listen.  I’ll be back when I’m feeling a bit more positive.

I’m not sure where my blog will go in the few next weeks.  If I want to blog,  I will (probably the case).  Reading Dailymile workouts just upsets me because I want to run.  All I know at this point is I’m 100% frustrated and I want to show the world that I have a lot to show with running that I keep losing the opportunity to do.  

Changes of 2011.

So it’s nearly that time of the year where you do a whole yearly recap of life.  I tell you about all the fantastic times I had this year, possibly throw in a few photos to demonstrate the fun and then we move on to 2012.   

For me, 2011 was the biggest years of change in my entire.  One of-no it was the biggest year of change.  I went from having a very serious long term boyfriend to being single.  (which I really haven’t been since sophomore year of high school.  Can you say chronic serial dater?).  I changed majors from math and education to community health and no they don’t share similaries. (Technically I just switched my minor and major I guess).  I stopped doing something I had been doing the last 15 years of my life (ie swimming).   I guess the only thing that stayed the same was I continuously blogged and invaded your email.  

So yes.  A year of change it was.  Let’s break you down 2011.

I celebrated New Years in Puerto Rico on my swim training trip.

New Years with my (now) housemate!

My assistant coach and I in Puerto Rico. I really did do some swimming I swear. 😉

Finished my last full swim season with college seasonal PW (ie personal worsts.)  (But I had a great time at the meet and with my family!).

During warmups.

Got injured in February due to bootleg treadmills at our college.  Then ran my first run on St. Patricks Day in race form.  And in a running skirt!  (And no I did not go “hard”.  I just ran)

This picture is also plastered on a big bulletin board in our gym. So famous.

Ran my first half marathon in April with Sara.  Did it as a long run and had the greatest 1:41 on my whole life.

Ran two more in May (one with Katelyn), switched my major and officially ended a nearly 3 year relationship.  Woah May what were you doing.

Apparently the other thing I did was wear that Nike Jacket like it's my job.

Watched Matt Graduate in June.

Ran my only 5k road race of the Summer on July 4th.  (Great Dismal Swamp Fires kind of cockblocked any sort of speed associated with that and the ability to breath).

Somehow placed in my age group lolz. I don't know why I'm creepily chuckling to myself.

Celebrated my 21st birthday on July 12. 

light or dark? So many choices.

Got a lovely stress fracture.

I was clinging to Theresa for dear life to stand up.

Celebrated aDuB’s 21st birthday in August and got more intoxicated than mine.  Went back up to school in August as well.

Bests friends fo lifee.

Visited Matt and watched him be inducted into the Reserves for school in September.

Ran my first race in October post stress fracture. 

I literally did not take off my calf sleeves because I was too lazy.

Nothing too thrilling in November-I just quit swim.

and finished cross country season. On a good note because I am still uninjured.

December is now.  I’m home and living the dream.

This is the only somewhat festive photo I could find.

Question for you: Talk to me about 2011. 

Spider Monkey Style

Hello blogging Besties.

Happy Saturday Ya’ll.  It has been a boat ride of the last couple of days.  Yesterday, I was in a car for about 3 or so hours and went for a run…all before 10 am.  Now that I think about it…I should have just stayed there for the day.  Oh well, next time.

Anyways sorry for the lack of Fashion Friday last week, but only one person sent me a photo!  #wahh.

So please.  Stop reading my blog now and send me a photo of you in your real girl (or boy) outfits now.

Anyways yesterday, somehow became incredibly busy.  From my driving, to group projects to going shopping to being ided three times to have a stupid pumpkin beer.

Really?  I understand my license is out of state and I understand that I look angry and it doesn’t look like me.  But my military id does.  My student id does.  My credits cards all have my same date of birth.

And I was buying 1 damn pumpkin beer…not a keg.

Enough booze talk.


Let’s talk food.  Pictures mostly from my phone will help me remember the week.  Somewhat.

Monday I made a pancake bigger than my hand.

Taco Shell Tuesday.  But really-any salad in a taco shell is a good salad to me.

Although any salad with duck is also a good salad.

I also coupled it with a beer.  I might become a drunk at this rate…2 beers in one week.

I believe Wednesday was the day I decided to make red velvet pancakes.  (My ultimate comfort food)

And Thursday I made a French toast waffle (my other ultimate comfort food).

Oh and I was a real girl Thursday too (but only because I woke up and my hair actually looked decent). 

Friday I went to an Asian buffet.  I ate so many long yans (an Asian fruit similar to pears)

And sushi.

And imitation crab. Which I forgot to photograph.  I’m over it.

Afterwards on Friday, Jenna, my house and myself went shopping at the closest mall…45 minutes away.  I thought I had found the cutest long sleeve crop top but when I lifted my arms, there was like a whole layer of fabric underneath.  So confusing and so weird.

Let me flap my wings! I have never seen something so boxy and utterly strange.

They wouldn’t let me buy this…sad day.


Question for you:

1.       Weirdest fashion style or something you will not wear?

I hate jeggings.

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