Human Discoballing

Today’s WEGO was based on pinning some things (health related) from pinterest.  I’m not saying that this is true for every health related topic on there-but the majority of fitness and health pins are something along the lines of: “Strong is the new skinny” Or some bs like that.  I’m sorry but every single one […]

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Fisher Cats!

It’s Wednesday and I honestly have no idea what to talk about so I wrote a variety of sentences.  They don’t flow and are numbered, then for good measure added some photos.  If you know me in real life then you know that’s how my mind works. Most of you know it’s lent.  I gave […]

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Right Then.

I think this photo sums up this weekend.   I’ll be more productive tomorrow…maybe.   These sorts of weekends happen maybe once or twice a semester.  I regret nothing and had a blast.   How was your weekend? 

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Weekend Jives & Dudes Acting Hardcore vLog

Sundays are normally when I post my training regiment but I’ll just kind of bullet point all my points of interest since I broke my arm and although I could run right now (broke my arm-not leg), I’m going to let it at least solidify over so I don’t cause any sort of uneven set in the […]

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Why Yes I Did Break My Arm

Forgive me for a double post session today, I was looking for inspiration of what to blog about this week.  But then it hit me- Literally, I fell down-hit the ice and broke my arm.  But as much as I want to whine and cry and wish this wasn’t my life, it isn’t as bad […]

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