I ran and I liked it.

Forgive me.  I’m typing from my touch screen phone while sitting in a car.  I can’t even text on the thing. I will have more insightful posts soon…if you call them that.

To update you with my life I have run Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and hopefully today because I’m pain free.  Just 1 or so miles.  But it’s joyous. the first two were solo style, the second was with my dog).

Call the ostriches because they have their bestie back.  Oh and for some reason Katy Perry’s “I kissed a girl” song has been stuck in my head.  No-I did not kiss any girls.  But you can metaphorically somehow relate that to how I just started running and I can’t get enough.

On that note I am going to nap now because I’m hella tired.

This is the photo of how happy I was when I started running after my heel fractures. I haven't taken a new one so here ya go. I can't go double posting with no photos in either. (oh and FYI this is what I run in late March in Upstate. Yes it was about 35 degrees that day. Yes I ran about 1 mile and never warmed up. Oh the good times)

PPS: It just took me about an hour to type this.  #madphoneskill

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  1. first off…my touch phone texting skills are HORRIBLE i have had it for 6 months and still everyone that i text is like umm what i cant understand that? hahah sorry but it just doesnt improve…at least not for me
    and HECK YEAH GIRL i am SO HAPPY! back to being a speedy beast in no freaking timeeee i know it<3

  2. Don’t run!! Well ok, just be smart about it : )

    Since I’ll only get to see you for a minute tomorrow, you’re now obligated to come see me in Tampa in November

  3. YAYAYAY!! So happy for you 🙂 Can’t wait to read more about you kicking butt at running 🙂

    P.S. Mad props for posting from a touchscreen! Half the time I want to chuck mine across the room 😉

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