Bum Knee

Well if you are dailymile/tweeting bestie you probably already know but if not: I won’t keep you out of my life loop.

Today at the biggest race of my summer I had to make a very hard decision.  I was in first by over half a mile and I began to feel an extremely sharp pain in my leg.  I am a strong woman (somewhat) but this was something after tinkering in my mind for about ¼ of a mile, I decided I couldn’t run on it.

I stopped when I saw the next batch of race course officials.

I watched people hundreds of people pass me (and yes there was lots of crying involved…some from pain and some because I was more emotional than a 13 year old girl hitting puberty).

It was truly one of the hardest things I have had to do.  I waited a good nearly 4 minutes before the next female passed me.  Sad story.  I’m not completely devastated because I truly know I would have given it everything I had and won that race. 

I’m more upset because I don’t know how long I’ll be without running.  I keep telling myself that I am more than a runner, or a swimmer, blogger and this time will pass.  Running will always be there for me-as will a race similar to this.  I am really upset don’t get me wrong but I’m trying to be a little positive polly.

So while I am upset, I did hear some news from the doctor that makes me think I may indeed have half a brain.  When I was in the emergency room getting all my little tests done (and tendon jammed back into wherever it goes…oh my god…insert some tear pains here), he said that if I had continued running with that much force on an already bumming tendon, there is a 75% chance it would have popped and I would not be running for 6 months.  So YAY for stopping. 

He says I’ll be able to run in anywhere from 1 week-1 month but he thinks it will be a more speedy recovery.  I sure do hope so.  I can’t do any weight bearing activities such as aerobics or running, but can swim.  He told me I could also bike-but I hollered back (just as with my fractured heels) that I’ll be lethargic before I start biking.

and yes this was postrace with Theresa, a racing bestie of mine. And yes I was holding on to her for dear life because I cannot stand or walk solostyle right now very well

And as I said on Dailymile, I will use this time to work on real girlesc.  Whatever that is…

To work on my real girl 21 year old party animalness…I went out looking like the hottest fashion statement alive.

Dress: Charlotte Rouse
Knee brace: Ace
Flip flops: Rainbow because I can’t wear anything else and we all know I love me my stilettos.
And please don’t forget the race numbers that won’t come off my arm (sharpie)

Like I always say…I keep it classy.

True life: I wasn't even posing for this photo.
aDuBs got my 90 year old butt granny panties in just my size.


We went to a delicious seafood restaurant.  True life: I love aDuBs so much for agreeing to it because I really thought they had other food besides seafood…come to find out that they didn’t.  She fell in love with the hushpuppies though.  🙂

The lighting was terrible for my foodie/beverage shots so let’s pretend these are award winning photos.

I think I got this this piritini with coconut rum because it was the only one with a cherry and we all know my creeps obsession with those...
crab cakes and scallops are nomtastic.


And you will be happy to know I  found myself a new man.

Question for you:

1.       Do you like coconut rum with cherries because I do…

2.       Oh and have you ever made a hard decision to quit something? 


  1. Wow, I’m glad you stopped. I’m so bad about that – I push through almost anything even if I get injured. So sad that you can’t run for a while but hopefully it will be soon! I love the pictures of you and aDuBs 🙂

  2. I’m glad to hear you should have a speedy recovery! and yay for being smart and stopping even tho I’m sure that was hard.

    I like cherries and the smell of coconut rum but rum makes me puke every time so i kinda avoid it like the plague…
    I’ve never really been forced to quit something in that way. Just having to back out of a marathon right before it due to injury.

  3. Oh my god. I have to admit, you are one tough cookie… and smart. I would have kept going and killed my knee if that race was really intense.

    You would have won anyway. Really.

    I hope the recovery is quick though.

  4. Rum’s not really my thing…but I have anything with coconut in it!
    Hardest decision – after 4 years at my first college I decided to quit and change college & course.
    Wishing you a speedy recovery 🙂

  5. Hollie you are so pretty it’s ridiculous. Sorry to get at the fluffy stuff first, but i felt the need to notify you 😉

    I’m SO sorry about your knee but am glad to hear you should be okay relatively soon; i am also in awe of how much you were kicking arse before you had to drop out! You are incredible. <3

    sending you healing vibes & hugs 🙂

  6. “that I’ll be lethargic before I start biking” Haha thats awesome! Love your attitude Holz- you know you are a champion and you will always motivate me

  7. Welp I know how you feel and I really hope your recovery is super fast. I have never had to make a decision about quitting, but I did miss my three biggest races of the year and was devastated and had no idea how long it would be until I could run. So I feel ya. I wish I could have got all dolled up as pretty as you and eaten hush puppies, but I can only get those down south. I miss them.

    btw we all know you would have won. you’re hollie and you’re the bomb and you did win because you made the best decision of the day.

  8. Sorry about your knee 🙁 just give your body the rest it needs and you’ll recover in no time! It was a really good thing you stopped when you did though.

  9. sorry about your injury but i’m glad you stopped early and only have to take 1 month off! 6 months would’ve really been a bummer.

  10. Hi hollie,
    I’m really glad you stop and that you’re being positive about it.
    I’m a running lover and i’m regurarly reading your blog (I’m actually French so sorry for all the grammar mistakes ^^). One month ago, i was running and my knee starts to hurt 20 min after i started, but i continue to run for 30 more minutes… Which was a mistakes because i was hardly walking the 3 next days… (Note: i was preparing myself for my first 10k at the end of the summer) I decided to let 2 weeks without running and starts again 2 weeks ago… And the same things happened (i also continue to run) and what make me stop was i actually feel like i was breaking my knee… For one week, i couldn’t even walk… I still feel the pain but i can have a good and long walk (instead of running). The doctor said it’s due to an inflammation of the tendon. I can’t run for at least 2 weeks, but i can also swim.
    I would like to know if you could share with us your recovery routine through all kind of sports ? It would be great !
    Good luck with your knee, and wish u a fast recovery !

  11. You definitely would’ve won that race! Wow…4 minutes ahead of everyone…that’s a lot of time!

    I’m really sorry about your knee! It’s great that you stopped, though, because that would’ve been AWFUL if it popped! I’m sure you’ll be back before you know it 🙂

    Along with swimming, you could probably try water running! It puts almost no impact on your legs if you go waist-deep instead of shin deep, like what a lot of people (non-injured) do for water workouts. It will help to keep your fitness up, but I’m sure that swimming will too.

  12. You have the best attitude about your injury! I have a feeling you will heal very quickly 🙂

    I would totally get a drink with a cherry in it too hehe

  13. Aww I’m sorry about your knee and your race 🙁 But I’m glad you stopped in time to not hurt yourself really badly! And I’m in love with maraschino cherries, I can eat them straight from the jar <3

  14. Very cute dress! The hardest thing that I quit was school… although it actually really wasn’t “quitting,” because I went back, but my junior year of college, I took a semester off to figure things out (my major, etc.). I kind of felt like a failure at the time, but I knew that it would make me stronger in the end.

  15. Love you lady, and I am so sorry to hear that this happened. But you have such a good and positive attitude with your injury, and that is truly inspiring! I’m glad you had a better rest of the day and it’s something you truly deserve 🙂
    I had to make a tough decision to transfer schools after my freshman year of college. I was in the major I wanted, Nursing, but was incredibly miserable there. I did end up transferring and leaving the nursing program, but I am so much happier at my new school and although I am in a different major, it’s still better than being depressed 100% of the time!

  16. damn girl i feel ya!!!!!!! ugh that sucks so so so much! but that took some freaking strength to stop even though you were owning ittttt that is like freaking awesome.. and it payed off…
    youll be back in no timeeeeee!

  17. Ouch and boo! At least you have other interests to you distract you while you heal. And holler on the coconut rum w/ cherries, a faboo combination.

  18. Injuries suck, and you’re awesome or being so positive. 🙂 It’s good that the recovery time is short, anyway!

    I was very seriously into ballet (double majoring in ballet performance at one of the top college programs) when I had repeated injury problems with my feet, mostly from overexercise and complications from anorexia. I couldn’t jump or go en pointe, and long story short I basically had to quit. But on the bright side, I was able to graduate early without the double, and I still work in the arts. 🙂

  19. man I am so sorry! I know the feeling of wanting to push your body, your mind is ready for you to kick butt, but your body says F that. haha
    Take some time to heal up and feel better!

  20. I believe I read about this on Twitter yesterday…so sorry to hear about the injury (like I said on your other post lol) but I’m really glad you can be back to running sooner rather than later thanks to you NOT pushing through to win that race.

    Happy belated 21st birthday! Wish we were closer so I could have celebrated with you…maybe tried to show you how we do it Wisco style? haha!

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