Photoshoots At Zee Pool

Today was one of the most chill days at my pool ever.  I love being my own boss and working with my bestie. 

True life: We sat and had a photoshoot while I made the d00ds lifeguard.

No scary highlights from work today, another week completed.  Although no one was arrested or caused any problems (it was mostly little kids who came to the pool today) one patron did ask if I was Jamaican.  Apparently I’ve already gotten 10 shades darker.


We love the pool! (and my brother stunnah shades)
And zee blogging besties
We also love how cray cray the chlorine makes our hair.
And yelling. We do love to blow our whistle and yell
and sunglasses just make you look scarier.
I suppose I'll go check on my other two guards now...byeee.

 Questions for you:

1.  Tell me more about your 4th of July.

2.  Do you enjoy going to the pool, beach or just laying out and relaxing?

I cannot go to the pool and recreational splash around all willy nilly.  I end up guarding or judging the guards and have no fun bahaha.  I’d rather go to the beach.