You know…living the dream…

Thank-you for all your directions on some easy good cakes.  Mom was pleased with my box caking making.  😉  I wasn’t going to post a blog on my lack of blogging because really…who cares…but just kinda went with it and I had extra time this morning.

Good thing for me (I guess) but it has almost been unimaginably busy.  There hasn’t been a point in my period of blogging that I have not been able to have some time to blog…until now…but hey we all go through these phases with life.

But alas it seems like the entire interwebz have been quiet this weekend.

What have I been doing anyways? 

Getting my pool ready to open.  If you were a reader last year then you know that I manage a pool in a somewhat unprivileged neighborhood.  To put it lightly, the pool closes at 4pm everyday and also cannot open without a policeman.   I’ve seen arrests, drug busts, riots and gang fights, and a close drowning.  Anyways-as bad as that last sentence sounds I have a lot of fun managing but it does keep me super busy.

Yes this is the pool…

Hanging out with the broski who went back to college this weekend. 

From the swim yesterday….

And I was happy I got to hang out with my bffer Anna this weekend too.  Though she will be working at the Cav starting tomorrow…so more musings from her.

I also went to the dark side and enjoyed a nice iced coffee the other day.  Then chased it two hours later with a hot…but still had an ice coffee.

You should venture to guess I’m super cute in real life too…obvious.

Anyways-now that I have rambled about practically nothing, I’ll go write a race recap of yesterday’s open water swim.  I didn’t drown and had a great time.  No really.

Questions for you: 

If you a blogger, do you ever feel pressured to blog? 

For me, I used to maybe the first week I blogged…but now I know people don’t wake up in the morning and live their life to read blogs…therefore you will be okay if I go a week…month…hour…without posting.

Do you thrive on being busy or enjoy lots of downtime?

No, I like to be busy.  I hate sitting around.


Summer [Racing] Plans

As summer draws closer for me (I know most people are already done for the semester), I can’t help but think of my exciting plans and goals.  I mean…who knows, this could be my last summer at home! 

I don’t talk about schooling much, but if you followed my blog a year ago you know I switched majors (math and education to community health).  It was the best choice of my life-though switching majors your SENIOR year of college isn’t optimal. 

That being said, I’ll be done with all my undergraduate courses and will be interning (something required of my health major) next fall in downstate NY.  Well-downstate forme-central NY in Syracuse.   I also have no idea where life will take me after December.

So this could be my last Summer at home.

I want to enjoy it all.  I don’t really have too many plans but living the dream.  I’ll be working at The Cav (you know…my pool that has a barbed wire around it…has it been a year since I blogged about that?  😉

No this is not a prison-it’s my pool Yes it has barbed wire around it. Ha

I’ll be racing the first part of the summer…simmering down through August. 

I wrote out a brief racing schedule and traveling schedule because that’s all I know so far about this summer.  I’m pretty casual so I tend to make last minute plans (I know…not my most quality feature).

But at least for my sake I can refer back to this.  It’s not optimal for me to think that I’ll be running *fast* races in 100 degree weather, but races are fun and I love meeting and hanging out with people regardless if I have a fast race or not.

And that is why I race a lot.   (mostly because it’s the only time I see my friends…as dad says)

May 26: Elizabeth River 10k VA

June 2nd: ZOOMA Women’s Half Marathon (this will be my last half for at least 6 months?!)

June 9th Local 5k VA Beach

June 16th Traveling to Syracuse for a wedding! 

June 24th Jack King 1 Mile Open Water Swim VA Beach, VA

July 4th Mount Trashmore 5k

July 12th– My 22nd Birthday (let’s hope I don’t celebrate like my stress fracture!)

July 15- Allen Stone Run-Swim-Run.  I won 2 years ago, got my stress fracture last year…if I want to do anything it’s dominate this race.

Was this really two years ago? Oh my stars

July 31st Memorial Scholarship 5k

August 4th: Beach 2 Mile Open Water Swim CT 

August 11th Mud Run 8k

August 19th: Internship time!  Wahh-summer over already?  😉

There will be, I’m sure, changes to this, and I don’t really know what to expect but I love seeing all my friends at races.  LOLZ!

Question for you:  What are your racing plans this summer? 

Last Thursday Night

Today at work, I sat there debating what I was going to post about.  Since I no longer need to bring my laptop to get internet (oh hii Droid), I didn’t type anything up.  I guess I could have on my phone but it would have looked terrible and be filled with lots of grammatical errors….not that my normal posts aren’t.

First-last night was lots of fun with Anna (affectionately known as aDuBs).  We didn’t go to crazy in that working at nine with the cray crays is not a good idea when you have had way too much. 

Incase you wondered, we have been besties for a solid ten years.

And yes-I do keep telling her to update her blog.  She is always “tired”.  Putting up with my crap is tough work you know.

Today was a really easy day at work though.  The seven hours went by extremely fast (well duh aDuBs was working) and I was able to give you guys a quick tour.  And basically tell Anna she was tired without her saying it.  PS: This was done completely on my phone.  My droid has taken me to an even higher creepy status.


I don’t know if I mentioned but I did an hour and a half on the Arctrainer (elliptical) today.  Since I cannot run at all, I’m supposed to simulate my running with elliptical, biking, and whatever keeps me on my feet.  This actually does not include swimming…go figure.  Swimming endurance and running endurance are pretty different (as to why I can do both sports at the same time).

I also lifted.  If I take photos of me lifting-it’s like I enjoy it or something.

On another side note-Instead of buying gas station I thought it would be genius of me to make my own in my magic bullet.

Iced coffees < hot coffees

But then I still bought some so it was a fail.


Question for you:

1.       What are your plans this weekend? 


Photoshoots At Zee Pool

Today was one of the most chill days at my pool ever.  I love being my own boss and working with my bestie. 

True life: We sat and had a photoshoot while I made the d00ds lifeguard.

No scary highlights from work today, another week completed.  Although no one was arrested or caused any problems (it was mostly little kids who came to the pool today) one patron did ask if I was Jamaican.  Apparently I’ve already gotten 10 shades darker.


We love the pool! (and my brother stunnah shades)

And zee blogging besties

We also love how cray cray the chlorine makes our hair.

And yelling. We do love to blow our whistle and yell

and sunglasses just make you look scarier.

I suppose I'll go check on my other two guards now...byeee.

 Questions for you:

1.  Tell me more about your 4th of July.

2.  Do you enjoy going to the pool, beach or just laying out and relaxing?

I cannot go to the pool and recreational splash around all willy nilly.  I end up guarding or judging the guards and have no fun bahaha.  I’d rather go to the beach.

True Life: I’m a Burnt Hot Mess This Week

Okay true life: This has been the most random roller coaster of a week I have had in quite some time.  I’m real glad it’s coming to a close.  Like real glad.  Sometimes I don’t deal with stress well-or obnoxious people (but I’m not here to rant tonight). 

Another fun fact-I’m not even a roller coaster fan.  I’ll go on them and not complain but they don’t do much for me.  I like to ride the fun and silly rides (um-anyone been to Busch Gardens know the Rhine River Tour?  Bahaha. )  But yes complete tangent.

Reason numero uno for my hectic schedule: My pool opened this week and there was lots of drama there as always.

But on a side note-check out this sweet tan line from only the first week.  I know jealz.

Yeah that is going to look real good in my strapless dresses.

Laura told me since I do wear a lifeguarding bathing suit-it's uniform and technically I'm a real girl everyday now.

Since I needed besties to work with (and I’m in charge), I was able to get aDuBs a job at zee pool lifeguarding.  Today was her first day and luckily for her it wasn’t…too…cray cray.

Besides my pool sending me off a cliff-I have been struggling to find time to do anything else (or having the energy too) not limited to not preparing decent meals.

I haven’t been getting enough vegetables lately at all.  When I am rushed and whatnot, I eat whats quick.  When I’m stressed out, I don’t take the time to plan my meals, I eat on the go.

I know slap me on the wrists. 

But to make up for it-I have been having lots of pumpkin pancakes (that is 1 serving of veggies 😉

Always with my pumpkin fork

And lots of kale bowls.  

Kale+ garden eggplant + mushrooms +feta cheese + parmasean cheese+ lots of garlic (um good thing you guys can’t smell me).

 Is kale on sale where you live?  I legit got a weeks supply for about 3 dollars. (I love krogar).

I was finally able to relax today after work, as aDuBs and I needed to celebrate she was alive from her first day at my pool and went to Panera.  I tried their newest salad, but honestly, I like the fuji apple salad better so that is what I’ll be getting ha.  Plus an artichoke Panini because they are the

Well blogging besties-I have my first open water swim in the AM so I’ll be getting a little schleepy schleepy tonight.  1 mile swimming parallel to the beach.  🙂


Question for you:

1.       Do you burn or tan?

2.       Would you rather go to the amusement park or a zoo?

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