Apres Research Recovery Shoe Review

Apres Research Recovery Shoe Review

I was excited to try the Apres Research Recovery Shoes. I’m a huge fan of slides and generally wear them when I’m not at work. So a closed-toed recovery shoe seems perfect for me! I lump slides and recovery shoes in the same category because many are very similar. With brands like Oofos and Hoka making “recovery slides” to help you feel better, there aren’t many closed-toed options right now. However, the Oofos Boots are close (and holy smokes, did I review those two years ago?). I digress.

Apres Research Recovery Shoe Review

About the brand Apres Research:

APRÈS Research takes its name from the French word for after’. In this case, they mean after training’.

David Giordano’s wanted to design something minimalist and made for athletes. He also wanted it to be sustainable, unisex, appeal to everyone, and have a research-based design process. Recovery shoes made sense!

Apres Research Recovery Shoe Review
Easy to slide on

My Experience with the Apres Research Recovery Shoes:

Right off the bat, they are bright. There are more muted colors, such as grey and black, but what fun is that? I am a big fan of blue and yellow myself. I am also a fan they are called the color versus some crazy color like textured sunflower. They have several different options, whether you want to blend in or want people to take notice of your feet.

Fit: I was super interested in the Apres Research Recovery Shoes fit. Would they fit true to size? What size would I be? If you’ve ever worn slides, they generally fit like that. The recovery shoes are wide and accommodating but also comfortable. I typically wear between a women’s size 10-11 wide. Since the Apres Research Recovery Shoes are in European sizes, the size 41 fits well (equal to the women’s 10). I don’t have any issues with rubbing or hot spots, and my feet aren’t falling out the back.

Apres Research Recovery Shoe Review

The Recovery Shoes have a toggle system to ensure no friction on the top of your foot. I’ve found it to work and haven’t had any rubbing or blisters. I was worried about the rubbing if I chose to wear it without socks.

The insulated padded upper uses recycled uses durable recycled nylons. This keeps you warmer in the colder months without being hot. I’ve found  Apres Research Recovery Shoes to be warm, and I can wear them outdoors even on 30-degree and windy days. Thankfully, I want my feet to be comfortable year-round! It’s been my “go-to races” shoe when I leave the house, and it’s 19 degrees.

Apres Research Recovery Shoe Review

Comfort: The Recovery Shoes are probably the best recovery shoe I’ve tried. I love putting them on before, after a hard workout, or at any time.

The Insert: The insert in the Apres Research Recovery shoe is one of the thickest of any shoe I’ve ever tried. Apres Research Recovery is the way to go if you’re looking for a super premium insole. Too bad Apres doesn’t make inserts to sell because I think they would do really well!

Apres Research Recovery Shoe Review
Seriously check out this insert!

Traction: The Apres Research Recovery Shoes contain over 140 “nubes”. They probably have the best traction of any recovery shoe I’ve tried. This is great, especially if you live anywhere it snows or the desert is mainly made of sand. I’ve used slides outdoors when I probably shouldn’t have and taken a few nasty falls. I’m confident I wouldn’t have that issue with these recovery shoes.

Apres Research Recovery Shoe Review
You can tell, I wear them a lot and have taken them all over the place

Cost: $$$

So far in the review, I haven’t had much negative to say. But, the downfall of the Apres Research Recovery Shoes are they are expensive. Hoka slides are around $60 and the same as Oofos. However, Oofos makes a few similar-style boots for about $100. Do I think the Apres Research Recovery Shoes are worth it? Yes. It’s hard to invest in a $180 pair of running shoes, let alone a “casual” shoe. But I do believe they are worth it, and I am curious about the boots!

Apres Research Recovery Shoes Conclusion:

While expensive, the Apres Research Recovery Shoes are worth it. They are high quality, and they keep your feet warm. They are a great option if you are looking for a recovery shoe or just a comfortable shoe. I really don’t have any regrets.

You can purchase Apres Research Recovery Shoe Here and see all gear reviews here.

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Questions for you:

Have you tried Apres Research Recovery Shoes?

What is your favorite slide/recovery shoe?