ShoeFresh Review

ShoeFresh Review

Most runners can use a product like ShoeFresh at some point in their running history. Whether your shoes just smell, you left shoes out in the rain, or for whatever reason, you want to freshen up your shoes.

ShoeFresh Review

What is ShoeFresh?

ShoeFresh was developed to eliminate odors in shoes. Instead of covering up odors, it’s designed to eliminate the stink. It’s also effective in eliminating it for 3 months or longer. It doesn’t “just work” on running shoes, but you can use it on any shoes or even hockey, rugby, or soccer gear. (I lived next door to Rugby players in college, and I am scared and know that gear does not smell *good*).

ShoeFresh Review

About the brand:

Is it Shoe Fresh or ShoeFresh? It’s all one word!

ShoeFresh was created as a better way to do things. Their core principles revolve around solving the problem of shoe odor rather than just temporarily covering it up.

ShoeFresh Review

My Experience with ShoeFresh:

Unlike many shoe sprays, ShoeFresh is slightly different from using. It’s important to follow the directions; otherwise, you might find yourself with a few extra white marks on your shoes.

To use it, spray the bottle and put between 10-15 squirts inside your shoe. Then flip your shoe over and point the sprayer towards the toe and spray another 10-15 more sprays. Your goal is to coat the entire interior surface of your shoe with the spray. After that, use the paintbrush (included) to brush the spray around and distribute evenly in the shoe, then let dry for 8 hours.

ShoeFresh Review

Like anyone, I’ve had shoes that “just smell.” Whether I’ve left them outside too long, left smelly socks in them, or something else, they have a bad odor I can’t shake. I don’t really want to “cover-up” that odor because who really likes smelly shoes with perfume.

Using ShoeFresh was easy, and I simply followed the directions. I let my shoes dry for 8 hours, and I found it really works. They don’t smell. I’m now on month 2 of one use, and they don’t smell at all. So, in short, it works, and it’s good.

ShoeFresh Review

Cost: $12.99

One bottle of ShoeFresh is $12.99, and it can cover up to 8 pairs of shoes.

ShoeFresh Conclusion:

I think ShoeFresh is the best odor control I’ve found for running shoes. It doesn’t mask the smell but makes actually takes the odor out. It’s also not that expensive. I think it’s an awesome product and have no complaints.

You can purchase ShoeFresh here and see all gear reviews here.

Questions for you:

Have you tried ShoeFresh?

How do you keep your shoes smelling clean?