Koala Clip Sports Bra Review

Koala Clip Sports Bra Review

I was excited to try a Koala Clip Sports Bra. I’m already a fan of Koala Clips, and I’m always looking for ways to fit my phone.

Several years ago, armbands were what people used the hold cell phones. The thing about armbands is that they cause you to become unbalanced. Whichever arm uses the armband will ultimately become stronger because it has something around your arm. Since cell phones have only gotten bigger, creating an armband that isn’t cumbersome and awkward to run with has become increasingly difficult.

Koala Clip Sports Bra Review

About the Brand Koala Clip:

Koala Clip was created when the founder Kristina learned to sew. She dreamed it and created it. The name, Koala Clip, was inspired by mama Koalas carrying their babies on their back for efficiency.

I’ve known Kristina for many years, and it’s been fun to see the evolution of Koala Clip. She now has two types: “Koala Clip Original” and “Koala Clip Lux,” and even has an ambassador team. I have two of the original Koala Clips (a purple and a grey). I have enjoyed seeing her process and growth. The older I get, the more I prefer to support friends and local stores doing their thing over big businesses.

About the Koala Clip Sports Bras:

Obviously sports bras come in several different sizes and styles, and the Koala Clip Sports Bras do as well.

My Experience with the Koala Clip Sports Bras:

I tried the Koala Clip Sparrow Sports Bra. It’s a twist on the typical racerback and has mesh details to allow for more airflow and less overheating.

Sizing: Typically, I wear a 34B or size small in sports bras. The Koala Clip Sports Bras size small fits well, and I don’t have any issues.

I have a few credentials for sports bras (don’t we all)?

Does it chafe?

Does it keep everything together?

Is it see-through?

I’m not a fan of removable pads, but I will tolerate them if it means the sports bras aren’t see-through.

Right off the bat, I noticed how soft the fabric for the Koala Clip Sports Bras is. I like that it’s thick enough it’s not see-through but also isn’t too thick that I overheat.

The second thing about the Koala Clip Sports Bras is they aren’t high neck (like the Brooks Drive 3 Pocket Run Bra). It seems like every sports bra that also holds a phone is a high neck, and I prefer something that is a regular neckline.

While running with the Koala Clip Sports Bra, everything feels comfortable from the get-go, and I don’t have to worry about things moving around. In fact, the Koala Clip Sparrow Sports Bra is one of the most compressive sports bras I’ve tried. I’ve done several runs, from easy runs to workouts, races, and long runs, and have not had an issue with bounce or chafing.

Koala Clip Sports Bra Review

Now for the part that sets Koala Clip Sports Bras apart from other sports bras.

Holding your phone! The Koala Clip Sports Bras hold your phone in the back of the sports bra. Just like the original Koala Clip, you don’t have to worry about the phone moving around. Once it’s inside the Koala Clip sports bra, it lies flat, and you don’t even remember you have it in.

Do you overheat when running in the Koala Clip Sports Bra?

Another common issue I’ve had with sports that hold phones is overheating, but even in the desert, I have yet to have that issue. The Koala Clip Sports Bra breathes well, and I don’t worry about overheating in all.


Koala Clip Sports Bras range in price from $38-$62, which is fairly average (and even slightly cheaper) these days for a quality sports bra.

Koala Clip Sports Bra Review

Koala Clip Sports Bra Conclusion:

I really like my Koala Clip Sports Bra. If you are looking for a sports bra that carries your phone. It has all of the functions of a quality sports bra, including nonbounce, protective, and not see-through, and the ability to hold your phone. Plus, as far as sports bras, they aren’t that expensive! I am all for local businesses, and Koala Clip does an incredible job.

Many local running stores carry Koala Clip, but you can also find them here.

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Questions for you:

Have you tried Koala Clip Sports Bras?

What is your favorite way to hold your phone?