Balega Socks Review

Balega Socks Review

Balega socks have been a staple sock of mine for what feels like years. They are a sock that feels like “old faithful,” which feels good every time I put it on.

A few people asked if I would write a Balega Socks review.

Balega Socks Review

A few questions I’ve gotten recently:

  • What makes Balega Socks so great? Are they better than cheaper socks?
  • Are Balega Socks good for running? Are they good for talking?
  • Are Balega Socks good for wide feet?
  • Why are Balega Socks so expensive?
  • Are they good for the summer? Will your feet sweat?

As you can see, there are several questions I get asked, so it made sense for me to write a review. This post is not sponsored by Balega and I have no relationship to them other than enjoying their socks. Before I start, you can shop Balega running socks here.

Balega Socks Review

About Balega Socks:

Balega is under the umbrella of Impluse brands, including over 20 brands and products like Spenco, Fuelbelt, and Yaxtracks. You can find them all here.

Price: $14

  • Fairly normal price for the quality and durable socks.
  • One of the most plush running socks out there.
  • Aren’t constricting if you have wider feet or bunions.


  • Back sometimes slips off the foot
  • Padding is more universal and not in strategic areas like many running sock brands.
  • It might be “too plush” for some

Balega Socks Review

About the Company Balega:

The Balega Difference:

  • Deep heel pocket: Balega socks knit up to 30% more stitches to add branches into the heel. This protects ensures the heel is fully protected and the socks have an optimal lateral stretch from the bridge to the heel.
  • Contoured fit: Balega socks are designed to be contoured to your feet without being snug.
  • Ventilation panels: Moisture is the number one cause of blisters, and no one wants blisters on their feet. Balega has strategically-placed ventilation panels that help with cooling and the wicking process for a clean, dry fit.
  • Sustainability: All Balega packaging is printed on partially recycled board. The manufacturing facilities use a water recycling purification system which recovers up to 50% of wastewater.

Balega Socks Review

Balega Gives Back:

Balega is known for its humanitarian projects and giving back. One program includes the Lesedi Project. The Lesedi Project gives back and strengthens South African communities. This project has given over 300 disabled and disadvantaged children along the Comrades Marathon route things like a wheelchair-friendly school bus, a therapy playpark, and scholarships! Other projects include Breast Cancer Prevention Partners (BCPP), Back on My Feet, and Veterans in Need.

You can check out all of their passion projects here.

My Experience With Balega Socks:

Many people know importance of a good running sock is essential. If your feet aren’t comfortable, then usually nothing else is either. Most of the time, bad socks are the main reason someone gets blisters.

To me, Balega is one of the plushest and most comfortable running socks out there. If you prefer a thick and plush sock, you’ll appreciate the comfort of Balega. You won’t find a compressive sock with Balega, but they are comfortable.

Fit: Balega socks fit true to size. They come in four different sizes, from small to extra large. If you have women’s size 6 or below feet, they’ll fit, but you still might feel like they are slightly big. It’s important to go by your actual foot size and not your shoe size. You should buy your running shoes bigger than your foot size so go on foot size rather than shoes.

As far as using Balega socks, they fit and feet like a running sock should. You don’t want to notice them. Ideally, it would be nice if they would disappear off your feet. Balega does just that.

As mentioned, you won’t find them to be a tight or form-fitting sock. So if you are looking for something tighter or more compressive, this isn’t the best bet.

Balega Socks Review

Do your feet sweat in them? Running in the desert, my feet sweat A LOT. I haven’t noticed the sock becoming too hot or heavy (which I was concerned about). Balega socks can handle the amount of sweat without feeling bulky. Thankfully.


Balega is one of the more durable running socks out there. I’ve had a few pairs for close to 5 years, and they are still going strong. Usually, I know Balega socks are wearing out when they stretch out too much or become too large. They rarely get holes or become too thin.


Balega socks are about $14, which is fairly common for a pair of running socks. Plus, for the cost, Balega running socks are one of the most durable brands out there.  You’ll save money in the long run. Plus, most run specialty stores have a sale of buy 3 pairs get 1 free (which will mean 4 pairs for $42 versus 3).

Balega Socks Review


If you are looking for a plush and thick sock, Balega running socks are a good option. They aren’t going to compress your foot like many running sock brands, but they will provide extended comfort and last a while. They are great for running, walking, and living life and you won’t find them too bulky or heavy. I personally like thicker and plusher socks. You can find all the Balega here.

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Questions for you:

Have you tried Balega running socks?

What is your favorite running sock?



      1. I love Balega!! They are my favorite sock, do plush. I live for their sales!

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