Nuun Endurance Review

Nuun Endurance Review

Recently I tried Nuun Endurance. It’s one of the last types of Nuun I haven’t tried. I’ve already written reviews for

I liked some of the various types more than others, but I was excited to try the Nuun Endurance. Unlike the other options, the Endurance has more calories. I thrive on something with sugar.

Nuun Endurance Review

About Nuun:

First, Nuun is pronounced: “Noon.” It was the first company to separate electrolyte replacement from carbohydrates (which lowered the calories). It also resulted in a healthier electrolyte beverage. There are a time and a place when our body needs sugar to survive and run well, but it isn’t all of the time.  During the day, most runners don’t need sugary sports drinks. The Nuun Endurance is the type of Nuun that does contain calories.

Over the last decade, Nuun has come a long way in hydration. They are well known by many runners and have developed several new products.

What makes Nuun Products Different:

  • Vegan
  • Kosher
  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten-Free

What is Nuun Endurance?

In my opinion, Nuun Endurance is the missing piece to what the brand has lacked. When you workout for extended periods of time, your body needs more than water and electrolytes. One of the favorite things about Nuun is the lack of calories, but that isn’t best for every situation. That’s where the Endurance comes in.

Each serving of Nuun Endurance has 60 calories. You can get caffeine or noncaffeine. It’s sweetened with cane sugar so that most people will find minimum stomach issues.

My Experience with Nuun Endurance:

As someone who runs in extreme temperatures (thanks high desert), I can no longer get away with sugar-free options. While running, my body needs more than just electrolytes to feel good. I was excited to try the Endurance and put it to the test.

The first time I used it was during a 10 mile easy run in the desert. Living out here, I’ve adjusted to using some electrolyte product every 30 minutes. It’s not something I’ve done when living anywhere else, but I need more substance out here. It’s dry and hot, and my body almost always regrets it if I don’t. The Nuun Endurance sat in my stomach well, and I didn’t have any issues.

I first carried with me on an easy run and drank it every 30 minutes for about a 12-mile run. It sat fine, and I felt significantly better.


Of all of the Nuun products, I think the Nuun Endurance is one of the best tasting. Some of Nuun’s products don’t taste great to me. I prefer something slightly sweeter. The Endurance is sweeter than most any other option. Plus, it’s powdered and not a tab so that you won’t find any carbonation.

Nuun Endurance Cost: $20/$24

You can buy a canister with 16 servings for $20 or individual packets (like shown) for $24. Obviously, it makes sense to buy more if you are interested.


I do like the Nuun Endurance, and I’m glad that Nuun came out with an option for those who need more than electrolytes and sugar. It tastes fairly good, and I haven’t had any issues. I appreciate that I do have energy during runs, and it sits in my stomach well.

Nuun Endurance Review

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Questions for you:

Have you tried Nuun Endurance?

What is your favorite electrolyte mix?