How to Make Running Solo More Enjoyable

How to Make Running Solo More Enjoyable

I run 95% of my runs alone in the desert. While yes, I would love to run more with people, there aren’t many options here. I’ve gotten a few questions about “how to make solo runs more enjoyable.” There are some days I miss running with more people but right now that’s just how it is.

How to Make Running Solo More Enjoyable

Here are a Few Ways to Make Solo Runs More Enjoyable:

Update Your Music:

I’m a big fan of stealing other people’s playlists or listening to Apple music. You can find playlists like “top hits of 2010” or top rock hits. With apple music, you’ll pretty much find whatever type of playlist you’re looking for, plus you never know what will come on during those playlists. I find it makes a lot more interesting.

Listen to Audiobooks or Podcasts:

I’ve been listening to audiobooks or podcasts to make solo runs more enjoyable, especially long runs. I find it makes the time fly. I’ve written about some of my favorite podcasts here.

Guided Runs:

Guides runs have become a new thing, but they can quickly make solo runs more enjoyable. What is a guided run? You have a coach saying verbal clues to you to keep you motivated. There are several different apps and brands that do this, including Nike + Run Club, Zombies Run, and even Peloton.

Set a goal: 

Sometimes you just need a goal. Whether that goal is a time-based goal, fitness goal, mileage goal. find yourself a goal and follow

Run new routes:

If you run the same route every day, it’s going to get boring. Run new routes. That’s it. Running new routes can easily make solo runs more enjoyable. If you do the same thing every day, of course, it will get boring.

Strava Challenges:

I must admit that I am newer to Strava, but there are always new challenges and fun things popping up to make running more interesting. Take part in them! Finding a Strava challenge can help motivate you to do fun and different things.


It’s easy to make solo runs more enjoyable if you find routes and paths you enjoy. The best and biggest piece of running advice is to do things that make you happy. That will ultimately help you enjoy running. The point of sports is to do something that makes you feel good!

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Questions for you:

How do you make solo runs more enjoyable?

Do you run more with people or alone?