Saving Time Shopping for Essentials

Saving Time Shopping for Essentials

As I’ve mentioned, the last couple of months have been busy.  That’s another reason I’m taking a short break from running.  Between anxiety and being busy taking this week off makes sense. One way I save both time and money is by doing most of my food, pantry, and hygiene shopping with Amazon.  This post is sponsored by Scott by all thoughts and opinions are my own.

What many people don’t know, is I’m someone who doesn’t like grocery shopping or spending excess time shopping. If I could get all food items delivered to my door, I would. Heck, if I could get food items delivered and cooked, that would be a dream.

Scott is one of the brands we buy on Amazon instead of making a trip or ten to the grocery store. Scott makes a variety of products including paper towels, toilet paper, flushable wipes, and even shop towels (that we use on our vehicles).

scott towels

Why do Grocery and Essential Shopping on Amazon?

First, it’s easier and faster.  I can put whatever I want in a cart, order, and it comes in a couple of days.

Second, it saves money because I don’t buy impulse purchases that I didn’t need.  I just choose what I need, get it delivered, and move on with my day.

What most people don’t realize is that you can also use coupon codes when shopping on Amazon Pantry too.  So it’s easier and cheaper.  Amazon also offers ‘Subscribe & Save” which makes it even easier to save money on products we always need, like shampoo and hygiene items like toilet paper.

Scott has a new product available: The Scott ComfortPlus!  With the new launch of the ComfortPlus, they have plenty of deals right now.

Scott Comfortplus

For instance, one such deal for the Scott ComfortPlus you will save $1.50 plus 15% and free shipping when you use the Amazon Subscribe and Save.  I personally appreciate you can buy in bulk and not have to worry about running out later on. 

When we are out hiking, we try and have a biodiagrable sanitizing wipe with us.  You never know what can happen while hiking.  Scott is another brand that is safe for sensitive skin as well as fragrance-free, alcohol-free, free of dyes, and hypoallergenic.

scott towels

Most people know of Scott as a toilet paper and wipes brand, but we also use it for cleaning up vehicles and automotive tasks.

The Scott Shop Towels are perfect for automotive and workshop tasks. They are absorbent and strong but also great for wiping hands and tools.  We don’t have kids or pets, but do like cars.  Many people might remember last year when we took a trip down to the Winston-Salem to pick up a new to us car 2 series manual, because it was the closest one to NJ!

bmw 228 i

As most people know, we are fixing up a 1987 Porche and recently fixed and sold a 1989 BMW E30 so keeping the car clean is essential.

scott towels

The Scott shop towels are designed for cleaning up grease, liquids, oils, and spills with car maintenance.  A few uses for them are changing oil, refilling fluids and general automotive maintenance.  The towels are ultra-strong and durable.  We find ourselves using less than a typical towel or even rag.  Plus, they also work well even when wet.

scott towels

Speaking of cars, Scott is celebrating their NEW product, Scott Comfort Plus. They are doing a giveaway for an all expenses paid trip to a Nascar Race of your choice in 2018-2019! You could choose anywhere.  I’m not sure which race I would choose if I won, I feel like Talladega or Sonoma are top contenders.

This post is sponsored by Scott Brand, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Questions for you:
Do you like Grocery Shopping or Would you prefer to have it delivered?
How do you keep your Car clean?

Meal Planning for Two

Recently, my husband came home from another deployment.  Since living in New Jersey, it is either 6 or 7, but I can’t remember.  Homecomings are always great, and since then we’ve had an incredible time together.

Getting back into a routine (for both of us),  takes a couple of weeks.  It’s a bit of challenge going from one person to two again in the house.  Things like making dinner for two or meal ideas change.  With my husband’s short but frequent deployments, I never quite get into a routine of making dinner for one or two.  We’ve learned to cook more together and you can see more from culinary lab.

Recently, I discovered Frelii which is a monthly subscription service that provides a customized exercise and dietary plan based on your personal needs.  This post is sponsored by Frelii, but all thoughts, and opinions are my own.

What is Frelii?

Frelii is a preventative medicine is designed to give the best options for a healthier lifestyle.  Preventative means it’s not meant to diagnose a health condition or concern.  It does not take the place of a doctor or medical professional.

Like with running shoes, every person is unique and different from one another. Frelii aims to provide people with the knowledge, recipes, and even products to leave healthier lives.

For many people that is losing weight or even gaining weight.  For my husband and I, it was to prepare meals that were best fitted to our needs both physically and mentally but not as a dieting program!  Frelii helps each person differently.

After filling out a short questionnaire, each Frelii member is made aware of any potential health hazards and risk factors in their life.

They tailor meal plans, foods, and the entire program to what will help lead to a more balanced life. There is even an option to purchase vitamins and supplements that help your specific needs.  As a public health major in college, I appreciate Frelii recommends people get their blood work done before buying vitamins/supplements.  It never supports anything in the place of a doctor.

It took about 20 minutes to the complete the survey but when I finished it listed one of my health hazards as mood and depression.  It was spot on, as I’ve talked openly about having both anxiety and college through college.

Just as they provide meal plans, Frelii also recommends exercise plans for those who want it.  Personally, I have stuck with the meal and recipe side because I do prefer that for running but it’s nice to know it’s out there!

The Meals:

By far my favorite component of Frelii is the meal plans and new recipes they provide.  There are a lot of new and fun recipes that I would have never thought twice to try but once they recommended them…I figured might as well!

Another thing, I appreciate about Frelii is how quick meals can be made.  I don’t like to spend a lot of time in the kitchen and will also choose healthy, fast options, over the top dinners that take an hour or two to cook.  They are simple, easy, and affordable.  We could make time to spend an hour or two in the kitchen, we would instead make time for other things.

Here are a few meals we chose to make:

We’ve made several more and Frelii has a database of hundreds so there is something for everyone.

Peanut Pancakes Using Almond flour and Eggs:

Spinach, Kale, and Farmers Quiche

Roasted Cauliflower and Beets.

Before cooking cauliflower, I had one bad experience and never tried cooking it again.

roasted cauliflower and beets

Sausage and Spinach Pasta with Mozzarella

We’ve made several more and it’s been a fun and unique experience.  Thank you Frelii for sponsoring this post!

Questions for you:
How long on average do you spend to cook dinner?
If you or your spouse travels or is gone, do you find it difficult to get back into a routine?


The Importance of Adding Protein after a Workout

The Importance of Adding Protein after a Workout

In 2018, one of my goals is to get more protein in my diet after running.  I’m not doing a crazy diet, but integrating more protein after workouts and running.  Earlier in the month, I was given the opportunity to try and work with Oikos Protein Crunch Yogurt.  It timed out well, as it has 17 grams of protein which makes it a good and easy to eat choice.

me running rain

Brief information about the Oikos Protein Crunch Yogurt:

It has 17g of protein, 6g of fiber and no artificial sweeteners.  Most have 18-25 grams of carbohydrates too!  Each yogurt contains a lid with toppings to mix in. 

Oikos Protein Crunch Yogurt

So What are Benefits of Having More Protein Post Workout?

Protein repairs muscle damage.  Any run or workout will cause muscle damage.  It’s important to recover that muscle damage so you can succeed in your next workout or race.

Often times, I have a bad habit of just going on to the next thing after running.  Whether that “next thing” is life or work, I skip this step.  I know not having something to recover is a bad habit, yet time seems to get away from me. This year, I’m focusing on having protein after a workout or run to help repair muscle damage.

Athletes who don’t get enough protein are also at a higher risk of injury.

Having More Protein also Helps with Cortisol.

Cortisol is the “stress” hormone that breaks down muscle.  Last year, when I had my blood taken, my cortisol was an extremely high. Excluding liver cells, cortisol speeds the breakdown of proteins into amino acids.

In short, cortisol provides the body with the energy it requires to combat stress from trauma, illness, and injury.  It’s key for recovery and preventing burn out (something I have rambled on about for months).

How much Protein is Important?

Most runners should strive for 10-20 grams.  Having more protein or saturating your body with protein won’t do your body much good.  One reason I like Oikos Protein Crunch Yogurt is a great option because it contains 17 grams of protein, which fits right in that window.  It has 6 grams of fiber, and no artificial sweeteners.  Plus it tastes good.  It always helps to remember to eat something that tastes good.

Timing is everything and it’s important to eat within 30 minutes of finishing your workout, which is definitely something I have struggled with.  Not because I have a reason, but truthfully I’ve been lazy.   That is an easy problem to fix, you just have to commit!



You can find Oikos Protein Crunch Yogurt at Walmart locations.  Plus right now, there is even an awesome Ibotta Offer!

Thank you, Oikos Protein Crunch Yogurt for sponsoring this post.

Questions for you:
Do you normally eat after a workout?
How do you get protein in?

Thanking a Veteran

Recently I was contacted to promote Great Clips and their involvement with Veterans Day.  It’s something that means a lot to me, and I’m glad to help promote it!  So please if you know any Veterans or Active Duty military, please share this with them!

Growing up in a military family and now having my family, the military lifestyle is something I can relate too.  The members of the Services do so much for us that I want to be able to able to help all Veterans and active duty military as much as possible.  My father served in the Navy, and my brother is now in the military as well.  Both have made such incredible sacrifice.  I could not be prouder of either of them.

Hollie & Tim-217-X2

Matt, mom and I

Matt, mom and I

As most people know, my husband is currently serving in the military.  He sacrifices a lot from his personal life to his plans.  There have been several times that we made plans, and they have had to be canceled, postponed or anything in between.


His travel isn’t a shock.  We began dating in college, and I knew he was going into the military after college.  There have been many lessons we have learned first hand about sacrifices he has been forced to make.  Trips have gone longer or trips that have changed in the blink of the eye.  To be honest,  they aren’t lessons we could have learned without experiencing them first hand.

With Veterans Day coming up, I was contacted to promote Great Clips is giving free haircuts for Veterans and Active Military on November 11. Customers who stop in, for a haircut at any Great Clips salon can receive a free haircut card to give to a veteran for use through the rest of the year.

I think it’s awesome, and I hope many people can take advantage of it.  Great Clips is the largest salon in the US, and there is probably one near you (You can check here).  A quick search indicated there are five within 6 miles of me.  great-clips

Most military members never ask for thanks, never complain about the hours they work or the sacrifices they make. As a daughter, a wife and a sister I see these sacrifices in every angle.

Here are some ways you can thank a Veteran or Military Member next week:

  • Take them out to eat.  I never need an excuse to take people out to eat! 
  • Visit a local nursing home. Did you know nearly 40% of our Veterans are 65 or older?
  • Send a care package overseas. We still have plenty of troops that are deployed.

Thank you to Great Clips for sponsoring this post and thank you for giving out free haircuts to Veterans on November 11th. Please share to any and all Veterans and Active Duty Military. You can learn more about the promotion here

Question for you: Do have any personal connection with the military? 

Helping Military

It’s not often that I’m asked to work on a campaign/sponsorship that is close to my heart.  It’s no secret that my dad was in the military and so is my fiance.  When I was contacted to do a campaign that was military related, I immediately jumped at it.

Plus I also know that several of my readers are in the branch of the service so could also benefit from this campaign and knowledge if they choose!

I was contacted to do a campaign promoting “Direct Energy” discounts for the military.  It’s a great opportunity for those serving (or retired) to receive a discount or their power heating, etc.

Growing up in a military family, my dad was gone a lot.  He was gone from traveling, deployment or working late.  He worked far above 40 hours a week and I could not be more proud of him.  I talked in my about me page (man I need to update that!) about how much we moved.  As children we moved once every two years due to my dad’s career.  As a kid I loved going to new places and seeing new things!  Even though we moved frequently, there were days, weeks and months that my dad spent away.  I never fully understood how much he sacrificed until I was older.  I knew he was gone a lot but I didn’t know how much of his own personal life he put on hold.

Graduation a while ago

Graduation a while ago

He missed birthdays, holidays, anniversary and months.  It was always hard for my mom and us as kids but it was obviously much harder for dad.  It wasn’t as if he wanted to leave us…As I grow older, I can continue to appreciate how hard he (and our military) works.  He loved his job and he loved us and I could not be more proud of the things he did.

Recently my younger brother has been accepted (post graduation) into the military as well.  It’s a career he has spent all of college working towards and something he is so excited for.  Honestly I could not be anymore proud and excited for him either.  I know he will make himself, us and our country proud.

This is what we look like when mom wants a nice photo...

This is what we look like when mom wants a nice photo…I cannot believe this was 4 years ago

Finally, most people also know that my fiance is currently in the military.  While we are still very new to the military community as a couple, we have learned so much about ourselves throughout the last few years.  T loves his job and truly enjoys everything he does.  I support that but I would be lying if I said it was always easy.  There have been many times the last thing I want him to do is leave but I know it’s the last thing he wants to do too.


I’ve had the honor to meet many people in the armed services and they are each so humble, modest and proud of what they do.  They sacrifice more than we will ever know to keep family, friends and this country safe.

To keep me safe!

To keep you safe!

That is why I am personally honored to take part in the campaign promoting discounted rates for direct energy and home power.

Direct Energy Military Portal has exclusive low rates for military personnel and their families.  These plans were created solely to help our veterans and military members save money on their home energy needs.   Honestly I think it’s great that companies provide discounts for the military and I truly believe they deserve it!  If you qualify or know anyone who qualifies, it’s a great program to get started with and thank you for sharing.

Questions for you:

Do you have any connection to the military?

How do you support your loved ones in a career they love?  

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