Contributing to Global Running Day

global running day

The first Wednesday in June is usually dedicated to Global Running Day.  It seems like one of the least important things going on right now.

The theme this year is: Run 1 Tag 1 social media challenge! It calls on people across the world to celebrate Global Running Day by running or walking 1 mile for someone that inspires them and tag a friend to do the same.

Truthfully I had a completely different posted drafted for Global Running Day, but due to current events, I took it down. It doesn’t seem right.  A lot is different this year, from social distancing to racism being brought to the forefront.

global running day

Tag #Run1Tag1 and #GlobalRunningDay to celebrate and run across the globe together in a worldwide game of virtual tag.  Instead, I’m going to tag some organizations that support BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color).  You can learn more here.

You can see Global Running Day Events here, and I wrote about more in the newsletter this week.

Here are a few organizations you can donate that support BIPOC:

Black Girls Run

Black Marathoner’s Association: The country’s oldest and largest, not-for-profit organization of Black American distance runners. It is open to everyone, regardless of your athletic ability or previous marathon experience.  It awards scholarships to high school and college students wanting to pursue running.

Wings of America Wings of America is inspired by the cultural, spiritual, and competitive legacy of Native runners. Wings empower Native youth and their families.

Whether you run today or not, take the time to learn more about runners and the people around the world that might not look like you. 

If you have any other organizations please feel free to leave them in the comments!

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