Hiking Upper Canyonback Trail (Encino, CA)

The Upper Canyonback Trail is located in Encino, CA, in the Santa Monica Mountains. In short, it’s a gorgeous view of the Los Angeles and Hollywood area. Just driving to the trailhead, we drove past multi-million dollar homes. I was even hoping to bump shoulders with a celebrity. I saw a few people on the trail, but who knows.

Hiking Upper Canyonback Trail (Encino, CA)

About the Upper Canyonback Trail:

It’s about 3 miles of fairly leisurely hiking. It has about 450 feet of elevation gain. You can see the beautiful homes, Los Angeles, Burbank, and a 360 view of the area from the top. There is little to no shade, so bring water or a hat. You can find the start of the hike here.

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My Experience on the Upper Canyonback Trail:

Getting to the Upper Canyonback Trail is a journey in itself. You drive through an extremely wealthy neighborhood, and you are already going up fast. Driving our vehicle, there were certain points we were like: is our car going to make it?

Hiking Upper Canyonback Trail (Encino, CA)

Once we got to the start of the Upper Canyonback Trail, it was a little bit rocky. It doesn’t look like you can continue driving, but there is a small lot at the trailhead. It can probably fit 4-5 vehicles. The first mile is fairly hilly; that’s where all of the inclines are. From there, you have a sweeping view of Los Angeles. I could have stopped there if you are looking for “good views.” You get a gorgeous view of the Santa Monica Mountains and an occasional view of an airplane landing at Burbank as you continue.

Hiking Upper Canyonback Trail (Encino, CA)

In all, it was exactly what I needed—a nice short, relaxing trip. There are many different trails around the area that you can extend your hiking, and I look forward to going back sometime soon. I still can’t get over the fact that Burbank and Hollywood are only 90 minutes from in the high desert.

Hiking Upper Canyonback Trail (Encino, CA)
You have a full view of expensive houses

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Questions for you:

Have you ever been on the Uppercanyon back trail or to Hollywood?

Do you have any favorite hikes in Los Angeles?