2019 Running Yearly Recap

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My year of running in 2019 is rather simple; it is the year that wasn’t.

For running that is…my life was great, but my running? Not so much.

I actually posted about it on Instagram yesterday. I think “top nines” and “best of” the years are silly. To have an app decide your best moments in the likes doesn’t make sense. Most of my favorite times of the year don’t even have a photo!

I had fun with running, but I’m minutes off any PR I’m hoping 2020 will be a better year, but I’m also not naive about how much that will take to get there.

Don’t get me wrong; my priorities were other places, and while I trained, I didn’t run anywhere close to the same mileage of PRs. I didn’t think a PR would magically come after not working for it. But, I didn’t know I would run a 1:36 half marathon when I actually thought I was in decent shape.


Favorite Races:

She Power Half Marathon

Club XC Nationals

New York City Marathon 

Fastest 5k: Adrenaline Run (19:26)

Fastest Half Marathon: She Power Half (1:29.27)


The big and exciting event was going to California and running the Carlsbad Half Marathon. January on the East Coast can be dicey and while our winter was milder than usual, I was happy to get a short minication out of it.


February was a cold and lowkey month for me. I ran, I trained, but nothing too exciting. I ran the Cupids Chase 5k in Moorestown and almost fell on ice. Plus, my parents came up. I also took a trip to Upstate, NY in February with my husband so he could ski. Most people don’t realize he was actually a skier in college. I attempted to go for a run outside and ended like this.


March is one of my favorite running months. There are a lot of my favorite races, including Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup 4 Miler, Adrenaline 5k, Shamrock Half Marathon, and the Phillies 5k.

The Phillies 5k was hard for me since I had won 3 years in a row and this year, I got fourth. There were a lot faster women there and I knew that (so it wasn’t surprising) but that is always a hard feeling.


In April, I ran the April Fools Half Marathon (one of my favorite races). My body was burned out and after that I took a week off and decided to start swimming, something I hadn’t done regularly since college. Since April, I’ve swum on and off. It’s been good to get in the pool and do something different again. For didn’t know, I swam well before I ran.


June was probably my best half marathon of the year in which I won the She Power Half in Indianapolis. We were there for a wedding and it was a fun experience to win a race I wasn’t expecting too, plus despite running alone, it was my fastest half marathon.


In July, I began training for the marathon I neer ran, Big Cottonwood. I also competed in the Allen Stone-Run-Swim-Run, where I was the fourth woman and caught a lot of people in the run.

It was fun doing a race I had a long history with.  The next day, my dad and I ran the “Run for the Toilets“5k and I won overall. The 8 person (yes 8 person!) 5k was created to raise money for new toilets for the Elks Lodge. Winners won a “custom” toilet plunger award. They will probably do more since it didn’t get the turnout, the race directors wanted.


In August, my husband and I took a vacation to Colorado and ran the Mt. Sneffels Half Marathon. It was a lot of fun and the most gorgeous half marathon I’ve run. That being said, the altitude was tough!

Other than that, I faced the challenges of marathon training in August. The heat and humidity made me question my why. Like anyone, I had my fair share of bad runs with the good.


September started off with a bang and I won the 18.12 challenge in Upstate New York. I was not expecting to win either so it was fun surprise.

About a week later, I pulled my hamstring and ended up not being able to run the marathon I spent most of the summer training for.  In late September, I was offered a spot to run the New York City Marathon.


My goal for October was to run and train for New York City Marathon smartly.

I signed up to run the Cow Run and ended up racing in a cow costume.

In October, I ran a few run races, including the Gritty 5k and the Atlantic City Half Marathon. Even though it was very windy, the Atlantic City Half Marathon was one of the slowest half marathons I’ve run since beginning to run half marathons.  It was mentally tough to log that time.


The New York City Marathon went just like I hoped: I started and finished healthy.

After New York, I took time off and now want to focus on shorter races. I don’t know when I’ll run another marathon, but I have no interest in them.

I also ran the Medford Turkey Trot for the fourth year in a row.


And now in December! YAY, December has been a fun month for running as I get back into it. I haven’t felt great, but I’m looking forward to building mileage and training towards shorter races like hales and fulls. I didn’t run a lot of races in December but did do a Cross Country race, which was a lot of fun.

I’m hoping January will be a better year for running. As I said in my training log yesterday, I know my reasoning for not running as fast: fewer miles, fewer workouts, and running wasn’t a priority. While I won’t say running will be my
“number 1 priority”, I am hoping to log a few more miles.

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Questions for you:

How was your year of running?

What was your favorite race of the year? 


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  1. I love the recap and I’ve enjoyed following you this past year. I always appreciate your down-to-earth attitude, realistic approach and analysis. You are primed for some strong running in 2020!

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