Training Log: Travel and Last Week of the Year

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Training: Travel and Last Week of the Year


Monday: Easy 6.3 miles
Tuesday: Easy 6.3 miles
Wednesday: 10 miles with fartlek
Thursday: Easy 5 miles
Friday: Easy 10 miles with Strides
Saturday: Easy 10 miles with strides
Sunday: 14 miles averaging 8:05 pace, last-mile 7:17


I got my mileage in like I hoped. Even though my husband and I sat in a car for just over 16 hours, it was worth it to see family.


I’m going to start adding quality workouts in. Since January and February are pretty “dry racing months,” I’ll do a lot more workouts by myself and run higher mileage. I need to write a full 2019 recap but as I evaluate my entire 2019, I know it didn’t go as I hoped. I was minutes off my PRs and neer gained fitness as I wanted.

A few factors included:

  • Running was not my priority (it seems funny when I write a running blog, but it wasn’t). There were many times I chose to do something else other than run.
  • I ran fewer miles (I ran anywhere between 40-50 miles a week, and most of my PRs have been set running about 70 miles a week).
  • Did fewer workouts

I think it’s essential to evaluate yourself before you move on. I want to run fast in 2020, but to get there, I know it’s going to take a lot more training than I put in 2019.

Finally, I’m contemplating stopping writing training blogs. I’m not sure if they help anyone, and as we move into 2020, I am focusing on trimming my social media. If my training logs help you or interest you, let me know. Is there something you want me to write more of? Let me know.

Posts from the Week:

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Questions for you:

How were your holidays?

Are you training for a Spring race? 

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  1. Hey – I really like reading your training posts and would enjoy more detail! Like in the fartlek what did you do? Or you say you want to add quality workouts – what are you picking and why etc.

    But understand it is more work for you. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Gillian and I definitely appreciate your insight. That makes sense with the Fartlek or any workout and with structured workouts like 400s, I usually have more in-depth. I might end up keeping it to a monthly recap instead.

  2. Don’t stop the training log! We enjoy reading about your progress and process!

    1. Thank you Chris and I appreciate it. I might limit it down to a month recap instead.

  3. I like the training blogs! My favorite posts actually besides race recaps.

    1. Thank you Taylor! I appreciate your feedback, I’m still not sure and might limit to monthly recaps.

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