Medford Lakes Colony Turkey Trot 5k (20:33)

medford lakes turkey trot

Medford Lakes Colony Turkey Trot 20:33

The Medford Lakes Colony Turkey Trot has become my yearly staple. Since living in NJ, I’ve run the last few years and I’ve enjoyed myself each time. I have gotten progressively slower, but it’s been partly due to running New York City Marathon a few weeks prior or weather. This year it was windy, but thankfully not as cold as last year.

My husband and I got to the Medford Lakes Colony Turkey Trot around 7:30 am. The Medford Lakes Colony Turkey Trot always sells out and parking can be challenging if you don’t get there early enough. An hour is plenty of time, but you’ll be parking down the road if you get there 30 minutes before.

I warmed up and picked up our bibs. The race director, Heather, who is wonderful, gave me bib number 1. She’s done a lot of great things for the Medford Lakes Turkey Trot, including growing it to sell out every year. I was excited to be bib one again, but I also knew there was no way I was in any sort of fitness to place or podium.  That was okay; my goal was to be faster than the week prior when I ran a 21:38.

During my warmup, my legs felt stiff. I didn’t feel good and I wondered how I was going to race a hard 5k. I told myself I would be happy with a 22 minute in the wind.  I went back and forth with if I wanted to run. I just didn’t feel good, my legs were stiff, and I was exhausted. I don’t usually feel that way, so when I do, I try and give myself grace.

Ultimately, I decided to run. At 8:30 am, we were off. The race always starts off fast and like any Turkey Trot, there are plenty of runners who take the race out too hard. I was running along with three middle school girls who kept boxing me in. Did they view me as their competition? They wouldn’t let me pass and dart around me a dozen times. I nearly tripped and fell over one of them.  They were “pack running” and I tried to go around them but everytime I did, they cut me off.  It was comical but I wasn’t going to get upset with kids.

We all hit the first mile in 6:34, which I was pleased with. Although, last week, I hit the first mile in 6:36 and it all went (very) downhill from there.  That thought briefly crossed my mind.

During the second mile, I found my groove at the Medford Lakes Colony Turkey Trot.  I finally had space to run. I didn’t feel “as bad” as I anticipated and even though it was windy, I was making the best of the situation.  All of a sudden, I hit mile 2 in 6:36 and was pleasantly surprised.

The final mile had more headwind. We went through the narrow streets of Medford Lakes and just progressed on. I passed a few people and was surprised. I didn’t feel fit and I have been used to people passing me.  During the last few strides, I passed someone and I crossed the Medford Lakes Colony Turkey Trot finish in 20:33.

Medford Lakes Turkey Trot
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Medford Lakes Colony Turkey Trot Thoughts:

I’m pleased with my effort. It’s about 1 minute faster than the week before. I know I’m not in short distance fitness, but I’m looking forward to progressing back there.

Questions for you:

Did you run a turkey trot?

What is your Thanksgiving tradition?


  1. I didn’t run a turkey trot for the first time in 4 years this year because I ran the NYC Marathon too and had awful plantar fasciitis that is thankfully better now, but it just took me SO long to recover I didn’t want to bother with a turkey trot this year. Normally I love them. The girls boxing you in is so crazy. I’m curious, do you know if you beat them in the end?

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