Training Log: The Week of 35 Degree Rain

Me running

Training last week-

Let’s see here, what happened? Training last week, for the most part, was good. I got the mileage in, despite the cold and miserable weather. 30-35 degrees and rain is my least favorite type of weather to run in. To be honest, I haven’t been feeling the treadmill as much lately.  That’s not always the case and most winters I would rather run on the treadmill than the pouring rain.

Monday: Easy 6 miles
Tuesday: AM: Easy 6 miles
PM: Easy 5.3 miles
Wednesday: 3-mile warm-up, 4X1 mile with 2 mins rest, 3 miles cool down
Thursday: 2 miles swimming
Friday: Easy 6 miles
Saturday: Easyish 10 Mile Run (Averaging 8:12 pace)
Sunday: 12 Mile Fast Finish Long Run (Averaging 7:58 pace)
Total: 37


I met all of my goals for running (mileage, workout, and race). Plus, I met all of my Holiday goals (IE get all of my holiday gifts), which I think is a workout in itself.

Workout Wednesday: 4X1 mile repeats (6:44, 6:34, 6:39, 6:40) with 2 mins rest

I’m pleased with how this workout went. I haven’t done mile repeats since the summer (I stopped doing workouts after pulling my hamstring). I ran with my good friend Skip, who helped pull me along. I’ve been doing workouts on the road because that is where I race and the tracks are usually locked.

Over the weekend, I planned to run an 8k but the timing didn’t work out. Sadly, because I paid for it too!  Both runs over the weekend were productive.

My long run on Sunday averaged 7:58 pace and the last mile was 7:22. If you asked me, “could I run the last mile at 7:22,” I would have laughed, but somehow I did it. The goal was to run harder but feel comfortable, which is precisely how it felt. I was conversational most of the time (minus the last mile), but not like I was sprinting. In fact, I said hello to several friends and a coworker.

Next Week:

With Christmas and traveling, my goal is to get the mileage in and enjoy myself. Hopefully, everyone has a Happy Holidays.  Next week also marks three months/12 weeks until a lot of March/Spring races. I’m running Shamrock half again and I would like to be back in sub 90 min half marathon shape before that.

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Questions for you:

Do you have any Holiday plans?

When is your next goal race?