Training Log: Getting Back to Speed

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I’m not training for anything right now. The rest of 2019 is about regaining speed and enjoying myself while doing so. Last week was the first time I ran since New York. My legs didn’t feel sore early in the week, but they began to feel the mileage in the later part.

Monday: Easy 30 minutes + 4-mile hike
Tuesday: Easy 45 minutes
Wednesday: Easy 30 minutes
Thursday: Rest
Friday Easy 45 minutes
Saturday: Cpl. Marc T. Ryan Memorial 5k 21:38
Sunday: Long Run 10 miles at 8:02 pace


I’m happy with my week and getting mileage in. My body doesn’t feel as sore as previous marathons, which is nice.

I’m looking forward to getting back into training and getting speed back.  Easy runs are just that, easy and uneventful to build mileage back up.

Cpl. Marc T. Ryan Memorial 5k (21:38):

It was windy with gusts of 40 MPH and mile 2, was almost exclusively into a headwind. On top of that, my legs didn’t feel good. I don’t know the last time I ran a 21+ minute road 5k, but it gives me a relative baseline to work from.  I’m happy I showed up and I’m looking forward to getting to more 5ks.

Sunday Long Run: 10 Miles 8:02 pace

I prefer the 10-mile distance above 15 or 20 miles. 8:02 pace isn’t an “easy pace,” and I felt as though I was working hard but not 100%.  Right now, my easy pace is more like 9-10 min miles, but I’m probably going to keep a faster long run each week for now.

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Questions for you:

What are your goals for the rest of 2019?

Do you have any big winter plans?