NYCM Training Week 3: Race Tuneup and Miles

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It’s hard to believe in 2 weeks I’ll have (hopefully) run my next marathon. Training is going as best as it can in a short period. This 5-week buildup has been different than any other marathon because it’s short and I’m feeling undertrained. My goal is to get to both the start and finish line healthy. I don’t have a goal to run X time, but I solely want to run healthy and enjoy myself.  I am contemplating running the marathon more like a long run than race as a hard race. I would appreciate it more as well as recover faster.  I haven’t fully decided though yet.

Monday Easy 50 minutes
Tuesday: Easy 50 minutes
Wednesday: 10 miles averaging 8:19 with a fast finish
Thursday: Easy 4 miles with Jen M.
Friday: Swim 3000 meters
Saturday: Easy 60 minutes
Sunday: AC Half Marathon+ 7 miles for 20 total miles



The goal on Sunday was to test my hamstring with 20 miles. It felt 100% fine for the entire race and miles afterward. It was the best-case scenario. It feels good that I’m able to push runs I couldn’t a few weeks ago. Fast and track style workouts are what aggravate it the most. Long runs and marathon paced work doesn’t seem to bother it anymore.

The Progression of my Hamstring (High Hamstring Tendinitis stemming from the glute medius). 

5 weeks ago, I couldn’t run.

3 weeks ago, I could only run very slow.

2 weeks ago, it was noticeable to run fast.

1 week ago, it was somewhat noticeable to run fast.

This week it fine to paces up to 6:55. (I just haven’t done anything faster than that)

So there is progress when I type it out like that.

From here, I’ll run a fairly similar run next week (not 20 miles though) and do a short taper. I’m also realistic that my training cycle has been nothing close to ideal. That’s okay, that’s been the theme of the entire 2019.

I am trying to find the best words to say: I just don’t like marathons. I don’t like the training and I feel like it’s not the right fit for me. After NYCM, I doubt I’m going to train for another for a while (I am talking years). I would need a good reason to want too. Truthfully, if NYCM wasn’t such a prestigious race and big deal, I probably wouldn’t run, but I like New York.  I like the race, the environment, and everything else.  I just don’t like marathons or marathon training.  As you can see, I need to find better ways to convey those thoughts.

In all, it was a good week and it was the best case scenario at Atlantic City.

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Questions for you:

Have you dealt with hamstring pain?

Do you like marathons?


  1. nope, you said it great! i think being straightforward about what you like/ don’t like is the way to go. Have fun in New York!

    I don’t really like full marathons either. Surprisingly the thought of an ultra is more enticing (trails, more relaxed pace). Planning to do one next year.

    I may however decide to do one or two of the majors in the next couple years, just because (London and/ or New York :))

    1. I always appreciate how relaxed trails and ultras are. I’ve never done an ultra myself, but I’ve done long trail races and I appreciate the atmosphere.

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