July Training

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July went by fast.  Does anyone else feel like they say that every month?

For the most part, training went well. I’m slowly increasing mileage and building a base.  There were many days that tested me to get out the door (or on the treadmill) between weather but I only skipped a couple of runs or moved workouts to better days.

Miles Run: About 215
Range of Paces: 6:07-11:30-untimed
Shortest Run: 2 miles
Longest Run: 20 miles
Rest Days: 3
Swimming Days: 7

Firecracker 5k (20:10)
Allen Stone Run-Swim-Run (41:07)
Run for Toilets 5k Recap



It feels like the summer is just moving right along.  July brought some fun races, but nothing I was overly proud of.  The Firecracker 5k early in the month would be my fastest 5k.

It was fun to do the Allen Stone Run Swim Run again. While it wasn’t my highest placement, I’m proud of how I raced, and I slowly picked people off. After the first 1k on the beach, I was 55th, then 22nd after the swim, then 10th overall and no one passed me on the 5k run.

One of the highlights of July was doing the “Run for Toilets“, a 5k that benefited the local Elks lodge to fundraise for new bathrooms. I got to break a tape made out of toilet paper!

Run for the toilets onancock breaking tape

I late July, I was able to get my first 20 miler in. Summer has humbled me that running 20 miles is never easy, but it’s even more challenging when it’s above 85 degrees.

I question myself regularly about my marathon and marathon goals. I haven’t run anything that I’m substantially happy with since NYCM last year. That isn’t to say I don’t enjoy running, but training cycles haven’t come together. August will be my highest mileage and peak month of training. I’m looking forward to the challenge.

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Questions for you:
How was your month of training?
What has been your best race of 2019?

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