Base Building Week 3: 5 Milers and Workouts

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Last weeks training was solid.  I’m continuing to build a base while adding speed.  I don’t feel as good as the fall, or even that great but I’m putting in the work and trucking along. I know the Spring will be a culmination of my effort during the winter, so I’m just trying to keep moving forward.

Monday: Easy 60 minutes
Tuesday: OFF
Wednesday: 12X400s (averaging 6:15 pace) Total miles 10
Thursday: Short walk (30 minutes?)
Friday Easy 60 minutes
Saturday: Christmas Classic 5 Miler (32:46) Total miles 10
Sunday: Long Run with X averaging


I got most of what I wanted to accomplish last week. I didn’t plan to take Tuesday off, but I woke up both mentally and physically exhausted. It was a long week, so I gladly took another hour of sleep.

Wednesday: 12X400s (6:15) pace with 400 jog between:

This is a far cry from where I would like to be, but everything starts somewhere. I do all of my workouts on the road for a couple of reasons.

  • Find an accessible track that works with my schedule is difficult and I don’t like running late at night.
  • I race on the roads, so it makes sense.

I just ran as hard as I had for the day which averaged to about 6:15 pace.  I ran 2 miles warm up and cool down for a total of 10 miles.

Saturday: The Christmas Classic 5 Miler (32:46):

I’m no stranger to Bethlehem and have enjoyed the Runners World half several years now. Bethlehem is a very hilly area, and the course itself was not easy. I’m pleased with my splits, and I wasn’t sure what to expect.  When we arrived to Bethlehem (a little over an hour drive), I realized I had forgotten a long sleeve shirt. It was 20 degrees at race start, and I almost wore then cotton long sleeve shirt, but ended up finding arm warmers, and leg warmers to keep me warm. Since it was a festive race, the Hollister leg warmers (over a decade old now), seemed appropriate.

The first few miles were relatively downhill, and I knew we had to eventually come up a hill.  When we did around mile 4.5, it was tough. I enjoyed the race though.

Sunday: Long Run 14 miles (averaging 8:22 pace with fast finish):

Instead of doing a long when I cranked the second half much difficult, I opted for an overall moderate long run. I ran with my husband and felt as though I was working hard but always at a conversational pace. We ran the last few miles under 8 minutes. I feel good about it.

Next week I’m hoping to be about the same. Plug away at the mileage and find a local race.

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Questions for you:

How was your week of workouts?

Are you an 8k or 5-mile type of person? 



  1. OMG you are too funny with that outfit for the 5k! I love that you “found” arm warmers and have 10 year-old leg warmers. So great! Sounds like you’re building back up again and I have no doubt you will be back where you want to be in the spring. You always show up and show up BIG!

    1. Ha thanks Allie and I appreciate that. Hopefully I have some better halves in the spring.

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