Hiking High Mountain Preserve with a View of NYC

Hiking High Mountain with a View of NYC

High Mountain Preserve

Recently, I took a short trip to Passaic County in Northern New Jersey.  While in town for the day, I decided to hike a short trail at High Mountain Preserve and Nature Preserve in Passaic County. Even though it was cloudy, there was a faint view of NYC, Watchung Mountains, and North Haledon. The High Mountain Park Preserve is part of the New York-New Jersey Trail Conference.

I was surprised by how quiet the trails were at High Mountain Preserve in the middle of the populated area.  In fact, I didn’t hear any car traffic and only saw two people on the neighboring golf course at the very end.  (That’s right, no one on the trail!).  There are a few loops you can do at High Mountain Preserve. By combing several trails on the trail map, you get a hike of about 6 miles if you desire.

I will say, there are sections of trail at High Mountain Preserve that can get muddy after heavy rainfall and I was glad I had my Goretex (waterproof) Brooks Cascadia.

While the trails at High Mountain Preserve are well marked, finding the path, in the beginning, was tough. It starts right near the traffic circle.  Once you get on the trail, it’s easy to follow.

In order to see the New York City skyline, the hike at High Mountain Preserve is only about 1.6 miles.  It’s somewhat steep but nothing rigorous. Once you get to the summit of High Mountain Preserve, you can see a great view, but you can also stand on the rock nearby and get an even better view.  It was cloudy when I went so I didn’t have a picture-perfect view.

Here are a few photos of High Mountain Preserve:

Here is the start from the traffic circle at High Mountain Preserve.  Since there is no “trailhead” at High Mountain Preserve if you can’t find it just walk around the entire traffic circle.

High mountain passaic county nyc

Hiking High Mountain with a View of NYC

Even had some deer spotting at High Mountain Preserve

Hiking High Mountain with a View of NYC

Overturned tree

Hiking High Mountain with a View of NYC

Hiking High Mountain with a View of NYC

View of NYC

Hiking High Mountain with a View of NYC

Neighboring Golf Course where I saw the only people of the trek.
Hiking High Mountain with a View of NYC

In all, if you’re looking for a local hike with a good view of NYC, High Mountain Preserve in Passaic County is a good one.

I had a great time and would definitely go back to High Mountain Preserve.  Hopefully when it’s a little bit more clear!  High Mountain Preserve is great if you are looking for something with a view, or even with pets, or kids.

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Questions for you:

Have you ever hiked with a view of a City? Have you been to High Mountain Preserve? 

What is your favorite hiking shoe?

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