Sacuony Ride ISO Shoe Review

saucony iso shoe review

Recently, I’ve been running in the newest update of the Saucony Ride. Instead of calling it is the Saucony Ride 11, it’s now called the Saucony ISO.  Saucony is moving towards using their ISO upper for all of their shoes, so my guess is we will begin to see this for many of their shoes.

saucony iso shoe review


One of my favorite shoes to write about the Ride is the ride.  Just because I can say that.  The newest version of the Ride is a well-cushioned shoe and a good option for speed work, long runs, and causal runs.  Like the Brooks Ghost, it’s a good shoe for pretty much everything.

The shoe itself is light but springy. The shoe feels soft but springy.  It consists of two layers: the thinner Everun and PWRFOAM on the bottom, which absorbs the shock of running. Thinking out loud, it doesn’t feel as soft as a Hoka shoe but is soft.

saucony iso shoe review


The fit is definitely the most significant and prominent changes to the Ride. Like the Saucony Triumph and Saucony Freedom, the Ride now includes the IsoFit upper system.

Saucony has made some critical changes to upper and midsole which make the shoe feel slightly different.

The Ride ISO is more true to size and wider than Ride 10.  I typically wear between a 10-11 wide in running shoes and was comfortably in a 10.5.

What is Isofit?

A series of individual “fingers” that wrap around the top of a foot and allow the lacing system to create a near-custom fit.

The IsoFit makes the Ride have the ability to fit more foot types.  If you have a wider foot, higher instep, or bunions, then it could be a better option than previous models.


I like the Saucony Ride ISO.  To me, it feels extremely similar to the Saucony Triumph ISO 4.  As I’ve told our rep, I feel as though the Ride has taken over the Triumph.  The Ride feels too similar to the Triumph for $40 cheaper.  I’ve put about 100 miles on the Ride ISO, and I’ll wear through this shoe.  If you’ve run in both, I would love to hear your opinions about them.

My Current Rotation:

Easy Runs: Hoka One One Mach, Brooks Glycerin 15, Diadora, Saucony Ride ISO

Workouts: Saucony Type A, Nike Fly

Races: Saucony Type A

Hiking: Brooks Cascadia

Questions for you:

What is your favorite running shoe? Have you changed recently?


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  1. Sounds like I need to go shoe shopping. I’ve loved the Triumph and Freedom but have been a bit bothered by the price going up for the former. I’m not as fond of the freedom over longer distance runs, to me it just didn’t feel as cushioned for those long runs, but does feel faster and more responsive so made a great half-marathon shoe for me. The triumph has been my go-to for the past 3 years and have loved the shoe so I’m kinda itching to see how this shoe compares for myself 🙂

    1. I don’t hate the Triumph, in fact, I think it was one of my more favorite shows for a while but I feel like it’s fading away. Saucony has the freedom at the exact same price point, and the Ride $40 cheaper, which in my experience (with myself/in the store) feels almost identical to the triumph…why pay more?

  2. I tried the Ride’s and they seemed a bit too snug. Currently I feel like I’m constantly switching shoes around because I’m still dealing with some plantar/achilles pain…so mainly Brooks Ghost 10, Cliton 4’s, and I recently purchased the Zoom Fly’s..they are surprisingly cushioned and light! I have not run a lot in them yet, as I am still easing back into it. I would be interested to hear what type of Diadora shoes you run in and what you think. Thanks, Hollie!

    1. Being too snug is most likely a width or length issue. The previous model did run a bit shorter. Once I run a significant amount in the Diadora shoe I’ll definitely have a review up. Have you heard of the brand before LeAnne?

      1. I have heard of it…known for more tennis-related gear, right? I feel like I’m starting to see them more and more though now. (Diadora, that is).

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