ON Cloudflow Shoe Review

ON Cloudflow Shoe Review

On Cloudflow Shoe Review

Recently, I decided to add another shoe into my rotation.  I haven’t run in ON for a couple of years, but I thought it would be fun to add.  The On Cloudflow is a lightweight neutral shoe.  The Swiss company, ON, is known for their looks of a running shoe and they impress many.

ON Cloudflow Shoe Review

ON Cloudflow Upper Info

The size an fit of the brand, ON, is narrow with most of their shoes.  I would personally benefit from them making a wider last. However, the On Cloudflow fits comfortably.  Typically I wear size 10-11 wide shoes, and a 10 is fine.  Despite being more narrow, the On Cloudflow does fit more true to size than many brands.

The upper of the On Cloudflow is seamless and moves with your foot.  The shoe features mesh weave and wider toe box which accommodates wider widths as well as bunions well.

ON Cloudflow Shoe Review

ON Cloudflow Ride:

I like the brand, ON, because their technology in shoes is noticeable and apparent. The Cloudflow features sole uses a “CloudTec sole,” which uses 18 “clouds pods” to displace pressure.  Since the “clouds” are hallow, the shoe is very light. The cloud pods encourage the natural rolling process from heel to toe. Plus with the On running patented speedboard, you get a springy toe off.

A few things about the “Cloud-Tec” sole that makes me hesitant:

  • It collects rocks. If you run on gravel, dirt, or even road, you will probably collect a few at the bottom.
  • It doesn’t grip well to ice or in inclement conditions.

So far in the On Cloudflow, I’ve run a few workouts as well as 10 miles, and they’ve been fine in those situations. Personally, I do like the On Cloudflow but prefer it for ideal conditions, road running, or the treadmill.  I find it best suited there.  For me, the On Cloudflow is an excellent shoe for longer workouts or faster workouts. The cushioning and responsiveness of the 18 clouds, makes me feel fast. I’ve used the On Cloudflow for everything from a 6-mile tempo to a 10-mile easy run, and I think the best place in my rotation is tempo runs.  The On Cloudflow feels more connected to the ground than many brands.

ON Cloudflow Conclusion:

I like the Om Cloudflow, and I believe it has a place in my rotation.  I think it’s a good lightweight shoe.  It reminds me a lot of lighter adidas shoes.

Other shoes in my rotation:

Easy/Long Runs: Brooks Glycerin, Hoka Mach, Saucony Ride

Workouts: Nike Zoom Fly, ON Cloudflow

Races: Saucony Type A, Nike Zoom fly

Questions for you:

 Have you tried ON Running shoes? Have you tried the On Cloudflow? 

What is your current favorite shoe?


  1. I saw these at a running store the other day and am pretty interested. I’ve built up a TON of shoes to run in, so I might be waiting a while to buy them. Thanks for the review!

  2. I’ve been wanting to try ON for a long time, but hearing that they’re narrow gives me pause. Can you feel the ground under your feet in them? You know how much I like a light shoe that lets me feel.

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