Uncomfortable Zone Part 3 and a 5k

Uncomfortable Zone Part 3 and a 5k

I guess for the next few weeks, nothing should feel comfortable.  I’m at the point in my running where nothing feels terrible but I don’t feel great running either.

This is the part of running that you want to push, and get fast and stronger.  You can push the envelope a bit, but push too far and you are most susceptible to an injury. I’ve learned that lesson the hard time (more than once).  This week instead of increasing distance, I included a race.

Monday: Easy 45 minutes+ core
Tuesday: Easy 45 minutes
Wednesday: Easy 45 minutes+ core
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Easy 45 minutes
Saturday: 40 minutes with a personal friend (8:30 pace)
Sunday: 5k (6:33 pace)


Week 1: 31-33 miles

Week 2: 33-35 miles

Week 3: 33-35 miles + a speed workout 5k

Monday-Friday were easy, breezy, beautiful, CoverGirl runs…or just boring runs.  For a while, my runs will remain easy.   I don’t time them but my realistic guess is between 9-10 minute miles.

On Saturday I ran with a personal friend who is currently much faster than I am.  She had an easy run on Saturday, which was a little bit out of my comfort zone but we were able to meet about halfway and run about 8:30 pace.  It’s definitely much faster than I’ve running but it felt good and it was great to catch up. I didn’t feel bad and the run flew by.

On Sunday, I ran a 5k at a local airport with my husband.  I had found the race earlier in the week but my husband and I wanted to play it by ear and not commit (we are chronic race day signupers anyways).

I thought because the race finished on a runway, it must be flat.  Spoiler: I thought wrong. While it started and ended on the runway, there was actually a large climb during the middle mile.  My splits were 6:25, 6:36, and 6:33 which I’m happy with.   It was a great rust buster.

Unfortunately, I am a little jaded because, after the race, I tripped and fell and bruised up my knee, elbow, and shoulder.  Not the end of the world and I am more annoyed than anything.  So now I’ve cut multiple cuts, and road rash down my right side.

This week was great and I have no complaints.  I added 1 speed workout but kept mileage about the same.  Next week, I’ll probably do something similar.  I haven’t found any 5ks but if one peaks my interest I might run another.  I’m just continuing to trek along.  Although, now I have a nice knee scab to trek with.

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Questions for you:

How was your week of running?

Have you ever fallen while running?

Ha…I’ve fallen so many times.  From the time I was hit by a cyclist, to the time I tripped and fell in my neighborhood.  My knees make me look more badass than I actually am.


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  1. Oh my gosh…so I fell one time when I was walking back up towards my house after a run ON MY DRIVEWAY! Lol…the driveway has a bit of a slant, and somehow I managed to catch my foot on a crack in the sidewalk and then fall. Luckily I mostly caught myself and was fine but cut my right knee up pretty bad. Such an idiot!

  2. Aw girl, I’ve taken my fair share of falls. Last year I had just finished a run and went to just jog over to a porta potty and basically tripped on air and totally wiped out on a road where there was glass, my knee was a bloody mess and I bruised my hip bone, couldn’t run for a few days. All because I just had to add that little extra jog when I totally could have just walked lol And then this summer I got tripped at the start of a 5k and busted my chin pretty bad. And to think I used to be a gymnast…….haha no gracefulness here.

  3. Congrats on your 5K! Even if it was not a fast time for you, that’s still very good splits for a 5K without a lot of speedwork, and you had the guts to get out there and run a 5K in August which is pretty hardcore.

    I have only fallen once, and it was during a 10 mile trail run. It was a rough trail (and the 10 mile trail run was slower than most of my half marathons), so quite a few people fell. The girl behind me helped me up, she is such a nice person but doesn’t run much anymore. I’ll always remember how she helped me up and said I was doing a good job though! I am so sorry you fell and hope you have a good recovery from both the race and the fall.

  4. Hey fellow NJ runner! You’ve been hit by a cyclist while running? That’s crazy, those guys are maniacs lol. Congrats on the solid race last week.

    I’ve never fallen while running, though I’ve had a couple close calls where I saved myself at the last second and felt like a badass with lightning fast reflexes. But in reality I’m sure I looked more like a stumbling fool.

    • Where in NJ are you from?

      I wouldn’t say every cyclist are maniacs but I did get hit, fell and broke my arm. I believe it was in 2013.

      Thanks for stopping by!

      • I’m up north, right by Hackensack. And I try to get out to Ramapo and Fort Lee for some trail running. Do you have any good running trails or parks you can recommend?

      • Oh nice. I’ve been to the area a few times but I’m not too familiar with it so I don’t know a lot of parks up that way. I live right outside of Philadelphia.

  5. I tripped on the uneven sidewalk while running and ended up with 5 stitches on my left eyebrow and a bad black eye. I live right by a university so no one batted an eye at a girl with blood running down her face- it was pretty comical.

  6. I usually wipe out once or twice in the winter when it’s icy in spots I don’t think it is. Luckily I’ve never been seriously hurt (maybe all the years of figure skating taught me to fall gracefully on ice LOL!).

    Congrats on the 1st place!!

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