July Workouts

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Where to begin about July?

Maybe with a LOL.

Weekly workout logs are one thing but reflecting upon a month of no real “training” is weird. Am I a runner? Am I a running blogger?  Do I just Instagram?

In June, I had all of the intentions to start running again.  Life happens and that went on the backburner.  Am I cool with that?  Yes, my body is just resting from heavy training a lot longer than I ever imagined.

At this point, I’m barely able to keep record of my own training log.  My running might be like a bad train wreck you may or may not be able to look away.  That’s cool though, I’ll get back to serious training and crushing PRs at some point soon in my life.  While I said this last month, I do anticipate August to be busy and September, not as much.

Moving forward, the month of July was laid back as far as training went.  I ran when I could.  I was able to run more outside than I previous ly anticipated but nothing more than 5 miles.  In fact, I think the last time I ran more than 8 miles in a row was before April.

First and foremost, I am happy.  Life is going fine and I’m enjoying everything that has kept me busy.

Something I did not anticipate, is it is hard to explain not wanting to run.  When I tell someone I’m not running, they immadiately ask if I’m injured.  Followed with am I pregnant. I’m not injured, pregnant, or whatever else.  I

I’m not injured, pregnant, or whatever else.  I prioritize other things and when I’m not busy volunteering and working, I’m living life.

I could wake up at 4, go for a run and be out my door between 5-6.  Be gone for anywhere between 10-14 hours.  Then come home and do it again.  But honestly, that doesn’t sound pleasent and I still wouldn’t be training well.  So I choose not to.

July Stats: 
Miles Run: 90 (about, my Garmin is now on 3 months of not being charged)
AlterG Miles Run: 30
Cross Training Sessions: 4
Favorite Workout:
Hiking Stairway to Heaven

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Goals of August:

I posted on twitter but I want to jump into a local 5k this month.  I haven’t picked one out and I don’t expect any miracles but I would like to just run a race and get my feet back in the water.  Now, that I’m more aware of my schedule I also plan to consistently run.  I’m hoping I can begin to build a base.  My goal is to run 45 minutes/5 miles most days.

Questions for you:
How was your training in July?
Are you getting ready for anything? 


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  1. You are definitely still a runner and running blogger! You’re still running and blogging even if you are not training and racing. There are no prerequisites to meet (this isn’t college, lol). If I had to wake up at 4 to run and then tackle those long days, I wouldn’t want to do it either and that kind of schedule with less sleep and down time probably isn’t the best for training anyway. We all have different seasons of life and there is nothing wrong with running for fun when you can. The races and training plans will be there when life calms down a bit.

  2. I ran a lot of miles in July, but not with a race in mind, just for the sake of my sanity and as a way to cope with life stuff. I’ve had no desire to do work-out type runs and I’m ok with that!

    My plan for August is to just keep running and stay healthy so I can maybe run some Fall races.

    Similar to you, my priorities have had to shift away from running goals and honestly I’m happy having something non-running to focus on.

  3. You will always be a runner – even when you’re 100 years old and shuffling along…winning your age group 🙂 I’m jealous of your Alter G training…I know it’s because you’re injured but I have always wanted to try one of those. I’m excited for your first 5k in a while…:-)

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