Northfield Diner

Northfield Diner Somers Point NJ

Northfield Diner (Northfield, NJ)

Recently I found myself in the Somers Point area.  Since it was around dinner time, I decided to stop at a local diner.  I had already been to the Windjammer which I’m a fan of but drove a little further north to the Northfield Diner.  

When I arrived, there was only one car in the parking lot of the Northfield Diner.  To be honest, I didn’t even know if the Northfield Diner was open.  Luckily when I walked in, there were about 4 parties dining.  Since it’s a locals area, my guess is they all walked! 

Northfield Diner Atmosphere: C

Northfield Diner Somers Point NJ

The Northfield diner atmosphere is everything you hope in for.  It’s a big, open, diner with plenty of booths, tables, and a full-sized bar.  They have a few desserts towards the front.  

There were, however, a few small quirks including not having placements and the blender being in the front.  I guess someone was getting a milkshake or smoothie when we arrived because it was in full use.  When they first started using it, I honestly thought something had broken in the diner.

Northfield Diner Coffee: B

The coffee at the Northfield Diner is decent.  There is nothing unique or unusual about it, but it’s not bad either.  The waitress added a bowl of whipped cream versus adding it directly on top.  I don’t have any complaints.  Northfield Diner Somers Point NJ

Northfield Diner Service: B

The service at the Northfield Diner wasn’t bad, but it was slow for a number of people in the restaurant.  It took over 25 minutes for our food to arrive which was surprising due to how empty it was.  

Northfield Diner Food: B

The Northfield Diner menu is massive, and they have most anything a diner would typically have.  In fact, it has one of the biggest menus I’ve seen in awhile.  There were over 6 pages of menu options, including breakfast lunch and dinner options, plenty of salads, specials, and seafood.  

At the Northfield Diner, I ordered a Jalapeño Burger.  When it arrived, I was pleasantly surprised.  I wasn’t sure what to expect and realistically didn’t have high expectations.  

The bun was perfectly toasted and tasted great.  What impressed me was the jalapenos weren’t from a jar and were fresh.  The patty itself was juicy.  

Northfield Diner Somers Point NJ

The burger came with fries which were cooked well.  I haven’t had steak fries in awhile.  

Cost: $$

For my burger and coffee, the cost was $11.  I have no complaints.  

Overall summary/thoughts of the Northfield Diner: 

I enjoyed the Northfield Diner.  The atmosphere of the Northfield Diner is a bit outdated but other than that I have no complaints. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first arrived, but the food was good, and I would come back.  I was pleasantly surprised by the entire experience.  There was nothing crazy or unique, but it was a quality stop. 


Atmosphere: C

Service: B

Coffee: B

Food: B

Cost: $8-12

Overall: B

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Question for you: 

What’s your favorite type of burger? 

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