Workouts Last Week:

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While I’m not training or running right now, last week I made an effort to get to the gym.    Which to be honest, is more than I’ve done since the April Fools Half Marathon three weeks ago.  My break from running has been nice, that I’m still mentally recharging.

I like running a lot. But like anything, it’s important to take a break from it.  You can read more about my burnout here.  I’ve always found, injury or not, I come back stronger and run faster races after an extended break.  Plus I’m happier with the sport and want to run!

So What Have I Been up too on the Fitness Front?

Monday: OFF
Tuesday: 6 mile walk wondering Philadelphia
Wednesday: Body Pump class
Thursday: 30 minute Nike Training App
Friday: OFF
Saturday: Body Pump Class
Sunday: 30 minute Nike Training App

On Tuesday, mom and I went into Philadephia and walked around the city.  We walked about 6 miles and I was exhausted.  Honestly, I give people credit who walk more that much daily,  I slept soundly that night.

Cardio wise, that was by far my most active day in the last few weeks.

I’ve actually been getting more into strength and core work.  My arms and core is a constant state of jello.  I’ve done a couple of “body pump” classes which I like as well as some core.  I’m not a coach, physical trainer or anything of that nature so I can’t give out advice but can tell you what I’ve been doing.

Core Workouts:

One of my favorite workouts is the Nike Training Club App.  The app gives 15-45 minute workouts.  They have about 100+ different strength workouts from core, to glutes, to arms.  They are sponsoring this post, I just like them a lot and have logged over 1000 lifetime minutes on the app.

What’s Next?

I have no plans to run next week.  I think I’ll start running sometime in June or July.  Right now, I’m enjoying getting stronger and focusing on other aspects of life.

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Questions for you:
How was your week of workouts?
What is your favorite strength workout?

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