Workouts Last Week:

Workouts Last Week:

While I’m not training or running right now, last week I made an effort to get to the gym.    Which to be honest, is more than I’ve done since the April Fools Half Marathon three weeks ago.  My break from running has been nice, that I’m still mentally recharging.

I like running a lot. But like anything, it’s important to take a break from it.  You can read more about my burnout here.  I’ve always found, injury or not, I come back stronger and run faster races after an extended break.  Plus I’m happier with the sport and want to run!

So What Have I Been up too on the Fitness Front?

Monday: OFF
Tuesday: 6 mile walk wondering Philadelphia
Wednesday: Body Pump class
Thursday: 30 minute Nike Training App
Friday: OFF
Saturday: Body Pump Class
Sunday: 30 minute Nike Training App

On Tuesday, mom and I went into Philadephia and walked around the city.  We walked about 6 miles and I was exhausted.  Honestly, I give people credit who walk more that much daily,  I slept soundly that night.

Cardio wise, that was by far my most active day in the last few weeks.

I’ve actually been getting more into strength and core work.  My arms and core is a constant state of jello.  I’ve done a couple of “body pump” classes which I like as well as some core.  I’m not a coach, physical trainer or anything of that nature so I can’t give out advice but can tell you what I’ve been doing.

Core Workouts:

One of my favorite workouts is the Nike Training Club App.  The app gives 15-45 minute workouts.  They have about 100+ different strength workouts from core, to glutes, to arms.  They are sponsoring this post, I just like them a lot and have logged over 1000 lifetime minutes on the app.

What’s Next?

I have no plans to run next week.  I think I’ll start running sometime in June or July.  Right now, I’m enjoying getting stronger and focusing on other aspects of life.

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Questions for you:
How was your week of workouts?
What is your favorite strength workout?


Training in September

September Training

Where did September even go?  Every month seems to fly by.

In summary: I had a decent month despite falling.  With the fall I added a few more rest days than normal but I’m healthy and that is really all that matters. 

But let’s get to the longer stuff:
Total miles: 248
Range of paces: 6:07-12:03-untimed
Longest run: 13.1 (RnR Half marathon)
Shortest run: 1.2 miles cooldown
Rest days: 8

RNR Virginia Beach 1:31.48
Peaches and Grapes 10k (40:)
Deborah Hospital 5k (20:07)
Rotary 5k (20:12)
Maple Shade Soccer 5k (20:51) 3.3 miles

Favorite Race: Run the Vineyard 10k. I felt strong and it was the best race of the month for me. run the vineyards 3

The RnR half is definitely a strong runner up though.   Before the Rock and Roll half, I hadn’t raced a half marathon in over a year.  Despite the weather being hot and humid, I’m pleased and I know I can build a better half upon that.

RnR Virginia Beach

Favorite Training Run: 
Wissihikin Trail Run in Philadelphia:
Tim and I haven’t gotten to run together as much as normal due to work.  It was nice to both have the same day off and go to PA to run in the park.  It was a lot of fun! me wisshickon park
I took a few extra days due to my fall.  September was my lowest miles age training month for a while (I’ve run between 290-299 the last few months) but it’s more important to be healthy.  I’m still beginning and ending the month injury free.  I do believe it was a lot smarter to rest versus try to run right after being sewed up. I have no regrets over this month.  September was also an extremely busy month for me with work, moving and life.  Luckily October will be a lot quieter!

I also missed a few speed workouts due to a rest week and then not running after my fall but surprisingly I didn’t miss any races.  I did get speed work in at least once per week.  In summary I had a decent month of training but it was all over the place.  I didn’t realize how much moving would take a toll on me as well.

October Races:

  • This weekend I am going to Syacuse, NY to race the Festival of Races 5k.
  • I will be participating in Runners World Race weekend; (The 3.8 trail run/5k/10k/13.1).  I have never done a bunch of back to back races like that so it will be interesting and fun!
  • If you need or want a discount code for the RW races!

    If you need or want a discount code for the RW races!

    When it’s all said and done I could potentially run 7 races in October!  The Runners World Festival is already 4!

    As far as training goes, I plan to get back into running speed workouts.  Now that I’m settled in my new house and healed from my fall, it’s time to crank back into the grind.  I plan to get back on track with speed workouts, races and easy runs.  Hopefully my routine will help build more endurance for some great races in November!

    I also plan to get more into core again.  I’ve mentioned a lot that I like the Nike Training Club App that gives 15 minute workouts.  I do that a few times a week but I would like variation as well.

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Questions for you:
How was your month of training?
Is anyone doing the RW half marathon in a couple of weeks? 

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