Training: Off Weeks

Last week’s training didn’t go as anticipated.  Most of the Northeast got a huge heat wave, and while I’m thankful for it, my body didn’t adjust well.  Plus around Thursday-Friday, I started to feel somewhat sick.  Essentially last week, running was put on the backburner.  I had time to run, but I didn’t make it my priority.  I managed to run most days but quality miles? Eh, I’m not so sure about.

Monday: Easy Run
Tuesday: 1 hour Easy Run
Wednesday: Workout
Thursday: Rest
Friday: 1 hour Easy Run
Saturday: 1 hour easy Easy Run
Sunday: 45 minutes tempo (7:30)
Total:  60 miles

Wednesday’s Workout:
1X25 minutes (goal 6:46…actual 7:15)
2X2 miles (goal 6:23…actual 6:55)
2X3 minutes (goal 5:53…actual 6:58)

This workout didn’t go well. I’m not sure whether it was my body or the fact that I was probably at the early stages of a stomach bug but no part that felt good minus I was injury free.  I left the workout feeling bummed and disappointed with myself.  After throwing a pity party for a few minutes, I put the workout in my rearview mirror and focused on another day.  It stinks to be so far off an interval but sometimes that is life.  Lately, I’ve had more of those workouts lately than I care too.

Due to the weather on Sunday, I changed my tempo pace.  It was 85 degrees when I started, and I still wasn’t feeling great.  Even though it was extremely far off of any true tempo pace, I made it through the workout.  The first workout in heat always wipes me out and spent the rest of the afternoon watching Netflix and rehydrating.

Obviously, this wasn’t a finer workout week for me.  As someone who blogs primarily about running,  it can be daunting to write a post about having a bad week…but it happens.  Every runner, elite, midpacker or beginner has bad weeks of workouts.  The most important part is I’m injury free and just trying to chug along.

Next week is the April Fools (Atlantic City) Half Marathon.  Originally, this was my goal race of the year.  I know the course well and have typically ran well there.  As time gets closer, I don’t feel as though I’m in the same shape as when I’ve set PRs here and my times in the last few months reflect that.  I’ve been bouncing around with several 1:27 half marathons and an outlier 1:23 half in Dallas.  This week is all about recovery, and regardless it will be nice to run one of my favorite races.

Finally, good luck to everyone running and racing Boston!

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Questions for you:
How do you mentally bounce back from a workout?
Did you watch Boston?


  1. I feel your pain! I had a really tough time in the heat this week as well. It always takes me a long time to acclimate. It’s frustrating to have a rough week but all we can hope is next week will be better!

  2. I’m DYING trying to train with allergies these past couple weeks so I totally feel you. Good luck on your race 🙂

  3. The heat yesterday wiped me out. I went out midday and ugh. it was brutal. Even with stopping a bunch at the fountain during my long run I sweated out 5 pounds! I am the outlier here but I am going to miss the colder running temps.

  4. The heat can just wipe you out completely! It’s good to write about bad weeks/runs too everyone has them and it just makes the good ones even better!

  5. Good luck at the April Fools Half! I totally missed the paces on my workout on Sunday (temps were SO HOT even first thing in the morning!). It sucks, but I figure as long as I’m still working hard, I’m getting something out of it. I hope the weather for this next half FINALLY cooperates for you! 🙂

  6. Thanks for being honest and open. While I certainly don’t wish for you to be struggling, it does help to hear when others are going through a similar thing. I’m all achy and hurting for no apparent reason so I’m glad you are at least healthy!

  7. My running buddy and I started our outing around 8a last Sunday, and it was starting to heat up then. Another one of my friends loves the heat so he *waited* until 1p to run in 80*F. Crazy!

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