Training: Recovering and Easy Runs

me running

Training last week was anything but exciting.  I ran the Shamrock half last Sunday, and I can’t say I’m fully recovered from the race.  I had thought about jumping into the Love Run Half in Philadelphia yesterday, but I didn’t feel like racing hard when I didn’t feel 100%.

Most of my runs throughout the week were easy, and there was too crazy.  I ran a couple of times with my husband before he left on Tuesday.  On Saturday, I ran into one of coworkers during her first run back after an injury that involved surgery.

I did have two workouts to ease me back into running hard:

8X2 min hard (average 6:21 pace)
4X45 seconds hard (average 6:00 pace)
4X 30 seconds hard (average 6:00 pace…goal was 5:27)

I didn’t feel awful during my workout on Thursday, but my calves felt sore.  After my workout, I went and got ART on my calves from Dr. Kemonosh and staff, which immediately loosened them up.  Why I didn’t go earlier in the week is a mystery to me.  They are still tight, but significantly looser than beforehand.

As I mentioned, I contemplated jumping into the Love Run, but my body was not ready.  Could I have finished?  Yes but I know I wouldn’t have been happy or thrilled with the result.
3X1 mile (6:20 average per mile)
3×1000 (6:19 average per mile)
3X600 (6:01 average per mile)

While this workout was slower than anticipated, I was proud of myself for getting out the door and getting it done.

Next Week:

Next week I’m racing the Phillies 5k (In the last 12 months, it is my fastest 5k).  I’m looking forward to it.  I have talked with my coach recently, and I believe I run my best as well as being mentally happier when I race frequently.  We will be adding several 5ks in my calendar and racing more frequently.

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Questions fo you:
Do you find yourself running better when you race more or less?
What was your best workout of the week?


  1. That photo of you winning the Phillies 5K last year was pretty amazing! Hope you have an equally great race this year!

  2. I hope the Phillies 5K works out for you! Like Kris, I remember you winning this race and I’ve seen the pic a few times. Plus, it just looks like a really fun race in general so I hope you have fun and run a good time there, meeting all your goals. I don’t blame you not to run the half marathon this weekend, it has to be hard with two half marathons back to back. I like to race, but I think once a week is more than enough for me (we have a lot of Thursday night races in the summer then Saturday mornings… and that is hard on the body). I am actually cutting back on racing this year though because I am getting a bit tired of some of our local races, so I’m looking at runs in other areas- having to budget for travel means I will skip some locals.

  3. It seems like I have been running better while racing more this training cycle, but I don’t necessarily think it is sustainable. As much fun as I have had with my training, it is also taking up a ton of time and mental and physical energy. I think I will look forward to just running for fun for a month or two after the marathon and then come back to really training when I am ready. Good luck at your 5k next weekend!

  4. Did you see the video that went viral of three runners helping another finish the Love Run? It speaks volumes about the running community. 🙂 I had a great time at the Queens Marathon on Sunday. I can totally see why people love training for and racing that distance now.

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