Brooks Launch 4 Shoe Review

Brooks Launch 4 Shoe Review

Brooks Launch 4 Shoe Review:

The Brooks Launch 4 has quickly become a staple in my running rotation.  A month ago, my second pair of Brooks Launch 3 was getting beat up, so I needed a new pair of shoes.  I enjoyed the Brooks Launch a lot, so I decided to introduce the Brooks Launch 4 into my rotation.  Whether you are a completely neutral runner or need a stability shoe, the Brooks Launch can fit somehow into your training.

Brooks is not paying me to review their shoes and I purchased the shoe myself.  All thoughts are my own!

Brooks Launch 4 Fit:
The fit of the Brooks Launch 4 has a few significant updates including fewer seams and the toe box is wider!  I barely wore a women’s size 10 in the Brooks Launch 3, and now a size 10 in the Brooks Launch 4 feels great. The upper of Launch 4  now uses 3d fit print which removes weight.

Brooks Launch 4 Shoe Review

Brooks Launch 4 Feel:
The Brooks Launch 4 includes an entire extra strip of rubber at the bottom.  There are now 5 rows of blown rubber versus 4. The blown rubber and carbon rubber make for a smooth transition from heel to toe. The flex grooves allow for a responsive ride.  Plus as far as running shoes go, the Brooks Launch 4 can better be used as a daily trainer. The previous versions lacked cushioned but with the addition of the Biomogo DNA Midsole cushioning, it responds better to daily training versus racing. This means it’s more responsive to different forms of running.Brooks Launch 4 Shoe Review

The extra strip of rubber helps forefront cushioning as well as a smoother roll from the toe off.  What does this mean?

Brooks Launch 4 feels like a smoother, less clunky shoe from the 3 (not that it ever felt clunky).

Brooks Launch 4 Quick Facts:

Weight: 9 ounces
Drop: 10 mm

Brooks Launch 4 Pros:

  • Cheaper: The Brooks Launch 3 was 110, and the Launch 4 is 100
  • More forefront cushion and deeper treads in the Brooks Launch 4
  • A much more cushioned shoe than previous versions of the Launch

Brooks Launch 4 Cons:

  • No widths available in the Brooks Launch

Current Shoe Rotation:
Saucony Freedom ISO (Long Runs, daily runs)
Brooks Ghost 9 (Long runs, daily runs)
Brooks Launch 4 (daily runs, tempos)
Saucony Type A (workouts)

Question for you:
What shoe are you currently running in? Have you run in the Brooks Launch 4? 
What is your all time favorite shoe?


  1. currently i’m in mizunos, but i’m not really into running right now. brooks used to always be my go-to running shoe – such a great brand!

  2. Thanks for the review. I love the Launch 2 and 3, and the 4 “Shamrock” edition is so fun! I tried the 4 on in the store and liked them, but I never thought to look at the bottoms and compare. A price drop is also nice and not something you see often in the running shoe world these days.

    I feel like the Launch shoes are a GREAT value. For me, they work for everything from faster runs to easy days. I like lighter shoes for track but I could easily race a 5K-marathon in the Launch (they were going to be my marathon day shoe). But my all time favorite are probably the Mizuno Wave Precision, which were circa 2012 and discontinued!

  3. These are also my go to shoes! Unfortunately I had to leave my latest pair in Cuba (long story!) and when I went to buy another pair here, they only had a size 8 and I wear a 7.5. I bought them anyway and, so far, they have been fine. I think the only drawback would be blisters but since I only run about 25 miles a week it’s probably a non issue. We shall see…

  4. So happy to hear it’s wider! I have very wide feet and bunions….so this is great news. Yay.

    Is it heavier than the 3? You said it feels less clunky but I seem to recall the 3 was lighter. My only issue with the 3 was after about 10 miles, the bottoms of my feet would just throb. So maybe the extra rubber strip will help. Looking forward to trying this.

  5. I’m a huge fan of the Launch! I probably wear it once a week. I would love to wear it more often, but like you said, it gets beat up easily, and I’d be hesitant to go longer than 10 miles in it. Still one of my faves though.

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