Training: Every Type of Weather in 1 Week

Last week was a solid week of training.  Even though I didn’t race, I still had a quality week of training and a great workout.  Like many people in the Northeast, we had a little bit of everything weather wise.  On Thursday I swore I could have done my workout in a sports bra, followed by snow on Friday and then a deep freeze again on Saturday and Sunday.

Monday: Easy 40 minutes
Tuesday: Easy 60 minutes
Wednesday: Easy 45 minutes
Thursday: Workout
Friday: Easy 4 miles
Saturday: Easy 9 miles
Sunday: Easy 7 with 8X30 seconds fast
Total: About 57

Thursdays Workout:
3 miles (6:18)
3X5 minutes (6:15)
4X400 (5:58)

This was one of my better workouts in the last few weeks.  I feel as though if I had raced, I would have PRed in a 5k.

My easy runs were nothing of note.


Next week I’ll be tapering and running the Shamrock Half Marathon.  It is my 6th year running the Shamrock half and one of my all-time favorite races.  While it’s not a goal race, I would like to do well, and my coach and I would like to see where I’m at physically.  That is, of course, if the weather isn’t like last year.

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Questions for you:
How was your week of training?
How is the weather where you live?