February Training Log

Double Bridge 15k me running

 Miles Run: 247
Range of Paces: 6:02-9:50-untimed
Workouts: 6
Races: 2
Pensacola Double Bridges 15k (58:48)
Mercedes Half Marathon (1:27.01)

Best Workout:
4X2 mile (12:50, 12:48, 12:48, 12:40)
During February, I didn’t make a lot of my workout paces and intervals.  My two mile workout was the first one I felt successful and that I finally able to make my intervals and feel strong doing so.

Favorite Race:
Easily the Double Bridges Run. Despite the cold and having a rough morning, I was able to feel good during the race.

Double Bridge 15k me running

February was definitely a grind month. Instead of racing frequently, I got through a lot of quality workouts. I typically post most of them on instagram and you can follow along there.  Not every workout (if any), felt easy and I do feel as though I was pushing out of my comfort zone.

As a whole, I’m happy with the month.  Not every month can be an exciting, PRing month.  I have come to realize as a runner, I am more confident when I race frequently but grind months do pay off later on.

Run Mercedes Half Marathon me

My goal for March is to get back to enjoying the process of running.  I had my fair share of negative (running related) thoughts during February and I’m looking forward to just focusing on the positive.  I’m running Shamrock Half Marathon in about 2 weeks which is one of my favorite!

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Questions for you:

How was your month of training?

What is your favorite month of the year?


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8 thoughts on “February Training Log”

  1. Great job Hollie! You’re always an inspiration to keep running and racing.

    December & September are tied in my book. I love December because it’s my birthday month AND Christmas. But September is my favorite weather/scenery.

  2. The grind WILL pay off. It seems ( of course only from reading) that you are rarin’ to go for a race and unleash your speed. I will hope for good weather for you at Shamrock! You and all that races’ devotees deserve it.
    My favorite month is July. It is full-on summer which I love.

  3. Mercedes and Shamrock are on my list!!

    I’m a summer runner–I just don’t do cold very well and winter running is just not fun for me.

    Looking forward to your spring training!

  4. Oh yeah, I can totally relate to February being a grind. Nothing fancy or glamorous–just putting in work now so we can perform well later. 🙂 I’ll have another few months of grinding, and hopefully the “fun” will start in May. Keep it up!

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