Angelo’s Glassboro Diner

Angelos Diner Glassboro Nj

Angelo’s Glassboro Diner (Glassboro)

Before Angela moved, we were able to go for one last run and diner together.  Despite Angelo’s Glassboro Diner being close and being ranked as one of the best diners in New Jersey, neither of us had been.  It’s a tiny, local diner and only seats about 20 people at one time.

When we arrived around 10:30 am, it was filled with locals.  We sat at the counter at Angelo’s Glassboro Diner but then moved to a booth when one opened up.  

Angelo’s Glassboro Diner Atmosphere:  A
Angelo’s Glassboro Diner is the stereotypical diner.  You feel as though you are walking into a time machine. It’s an old metallic building on the corner of the street.  The inside only has booths and a full-length bar.  You seat yourself, and it’s clear it is a local favorite.

Angelo’s Glassboro Diner Service: A
Despite being busy, the waitress at Angelo’s Diner was friendly and refilled our beverages.  She was one of the nicest waitresses I’ve had, and she made it a point to get to know us a little bit.   For being crowded, the food came out extremely quickly.

Angel’s Glassboro Diner Coffee: A
The coffee at Angelo’s Glassboro Diner was often refilled and was always hot.  Like many stereotypical diners, It was strong.  Plus, there was plenty of whipped cream, so it was perfect.Angelos Diner Glassboro Nj

Angelo’s Glassboro Diner Food: A
Angelo’s Glassboro Diner is extremely small.  There is nothing fancy and it a typical greasy spoon diner.  You won’t find gourmet salads or fancy filet mignon.  There a few different types of omelets as well as pancakes, eggs and toast.  I decided to order two over-easy eggs with fried tomatoes and rye toast.

Angelos Diner Glassboro Nj

Growing up in England, I loved fried tomatoes.  I haven’t seen them at too many diners so it was a rare treat and they were cooked well.  The toast at Angelo’s Glassboro Diner came lathered in butter which tasted great, and the over easy eggs were perfect.  In all, it was a great meal.

Angelo’s Glassboro Diner Cost: $
For my meal and coffee at Angelo’s Diner, it was $5.50.  It was the cheapest restaurant meal I’ve ever gotten and will probably ever get.  It was excellent.

Summary/Overall Thoughts of Angelo’s Glassboro Diner:
Angelo’s Glassboro Diner is an excellent stop if you’re ever in Glassboro.  It’s a fast, inexpensive and great meal.  I wouldn’t go for a fancy date or anything, but it’s Angelo’s Diner is a great stop.

Atmosphere: A
Service: A
Coffee: A
Food: A
Cost: $3-7
Overall: A

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Questions for you:
What is the cheapest restaurant meal you’ve had?
Have you tried fried tomatoes?

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  1. You grew up in England? I assumed you were American!

    I love your diner reviews – it’s a great slice of Americana (and bafflement wrt how cheap eating out is).

    1. I am American but my father was in the Navy and we lived in England for quite some time. 🙂

  2. I get a super relaxed and happy vibe from this diner. Your food and coffee look amazing and I can’t believe the price! I love tomatoes raw, cooked, fried, any way possible.

  3. Angelo’s is our favorite! I’ve spent many an early morning there.

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