Training Last Week: Mostly Boring with a 15k

For some reason, I struggled with writing this week’s recap more than usual.  My easy runs were just that, easy and boring.

Monday: 6 miles (8:40)
Tuesday: Workout
Wednesday: 5 miles easy
Thursday: 5 miles easy
Friday: 5 miles easy
Saturday: Double Bridges 15k (58:41)
Sunday: 60 minutes easy
Total: 51 miles

Tuesdays Workout:
3X400 meters
1X10 minutes (6:38 pace)
3X400 meters

The track was being used, so I found a piece of road and ran there. I felt as though I was still recovering from the Polar Bear 5k in Atlanta the weekend before, but I was happy with my effort.

Double Bridges 15k: (58:48) 6:18 pace
This was the only “exciting” aspect of training last week.  The Double Bridges 15k was a solid race effort for me.  It wasn’t a PR, as Broad Street’s pace last year was faster but it was fastest I’ve done since my ankle fracture. I will say, I’ve never been as cold as I was at a race start.

The weather changed overnight from the high 50s to 38 and windy at the start.  I barely made the start, and it wasn’t an exaggeration when I say I didn’t have a minute to spare.

The race itself was decent.  My legs never felt great and my calves actually felt stiff the entire race.  I’m happy with my performance, although I do feel as though I’m in better shape than the race shows.

Sunday’s easy run was my favorite.  I asked my husband if he wanted to take a running selfie post run.  Then when we went to actually do it, I promptly fell. As you can guess, I’m clumsy and that wasn’t a surprise.

Next week I’ll be running the Mercedes half marathon in Birmingham.  I ran the course preview last weekend, which was fun and I’m looking forward to running the race.

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Questions for you:
Have you run a 15k before?
I feel as though they are much more common in Upstate, NY.
How was your workout week?


  1. Nice work! To me, “boring” can mean “consistent” when it comes to training. We’re doing what we need to do to put ourselves in a position to succeed. Have a great race this weekend!

  2. Congrats on your 15K and I’m glad you made it to the start in the nick of time! I’ve only run one 15K. I feel like it’s a good distance though, especially if you’re training for a half or full marathon, or it’s good for someone who is used to 5K/10K and wants to race a little longer without going up to a half.

    Training is all about the boring things too like easy days. For me those are the hardest runs to do because I don’t get a ton of satisfaction out of writing down “easy 5” or “easy 6”, but they are essential. I try to do them with a group or either run somewhere fun so I see something! Better boring than an run that’s eventful but bad events like an injury or getting sick, I guess.

  3. I’ve never run a 15k, I don’t even think I’ve seen a race here that offers that distance…or maybe I ignored it because I knew I wasn’t interested 🙂 Glad you had a good race, and I can’t wait to hear how this weekend goes!

    1. I’m trying to think and I don’t believe they do. There used to be a couple if 10 milers but I think they no longer exist.

  4. Good to hear you had a race you were pleased with! Cute shirt in the top pic. What does it say?

  5. I have never raced anything over a 5k, but I’m signed up to run a marathon June 17th! So excited.
    My training week felt pretty boring last week…I’m excited to add more miles this week!

  6. I love that you still posted the pic even though you are mid fall! Love it 🙂

    Well done on the 15k – it does suck to be outkicked though.

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