The Spinning Wheel Diner (Lebanon)

The Spinning Wheel Diner (Lebanon)

The Spinning Wheel has been in my diner “to-do list” based on the name.  Similar to “Time to Eat a Diner,” occasionally I add diners solely based on the name.  Since I was in the area, I decided to go.

The Spinning Wheel Diner is located in Lebanon, New Jersey.

Atmosphere: A
The first question you may ask is, where is the spinning wheel?

 Is there a spinning wheel?

I imagined a giant Ferris wheel style “spinning wheel” out front, but there is a small koi fish pond in the front with a spinning water wheel.  Looking back a diner with a Ferris wheel would be called either “The Amusement Park Diner” or “Ferris Wheel Diner”…

The Spinning Wheel Diner itself is a very stereotypical diner.  It is a metallic building.  Inside there are plenty of booths as well as a full bar.

The view outside is hard to beat, as well.  The diner is located at the base of a small mountain, so there is a nice view of that.

The Spinning Wheel Coffee: A

The waitress at the Spinning Wheel Diner added more whipped cream to the coffee than actual coffee.  Since we had just come back from hiking, I needed all of the sugar I could get.  The coffee itself was good, but the extra sugar was definitely a bonus. Spinning Wheel Diner

The Spinning Wheel Diner Service: A
The waitress was extremely friendly.  She got everything we needed and didn’t have any issues.  She was one of the nicest waitresses we’ve had!

Spinning Wheel Diner Food: B
The food at the Spinning Wheel Diner is that of a typical diner.  The Spinning Wheel Menu isn’t overwhelmingly big, and there are the usual items: omelets, dinner specials, and Greek specialties.  There isn’t anything unique or interesting on the menu, but it does have ten pages worth of menu.

I ordered the Greek Gyro, which came with soup and French fries.

Spinning Wheel Diner

The soup was a unique “seafood bisque.”  I couldn’t find much seafood (but lots of corn and potatoes).  It wasn’t bad but needed more seafood.

Spinning Wheel Diner

The Greek Gyro was a good option.  It wasn’t as messy as the Greek Gyro as I had at the Peters Diner in Glouster. There was a bigger pita bread wrap which made it easier to eat.  Overall it was one of the better Greek Gyros I’ve had recently.Spinning Wheel Diner

The French fries were cooked well, but it’s hard to mess fries up.  The Spinning Wheel had good food, but there was nothing unique about it.

The Spinning Wheel Diner Dessert: A

I ordered a root beer float with the meal.  The ice cream was great, and it was refreshing after the hike.  I have no complaints.Spinning Wheel Diner

Cost: $
For my coffee, root beer float, and Greek gyro, the cost was $15.  It was definitely a good amount of food for the price.

Overall thoughts/Would I come back to the Spinning Wheel Diner (Lebanon)?

I liked the Spinning Wheel Diner (Lebanon), and it is one I would go back too at some point.  It’s a great stop along the way.  It’s a typical New Jersey Diner.

Atmosphere: A
Coffee: A
Service: A
Food: B
Dessert: A
Cost: $10-15
Overall: B

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Question for you:
Have you ever had a root beer float?

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  1. Yeah…you got the wrong soup! That’s not seafood or a bisque!

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