Friday Five: Unlucky Pi

This week has two functional events:

Friday the 13th and tomorrow is Pi Day

Today is Friday the 13th!  Again!  I graduated high school on Friday the 13th and I was about 10 minutes from being born on Friday the 13th…dad always tells me that my punishment for getting out too quick (and being born Thursday the 12th) is that I’m still unlucky.

friday the 13th meme 1

Here are Five Relevant and Interesting Articles for Friday the 13th:

  1. 13 Facts about Friday the 13th (November is the next month we have one!)
  2. Why is Friday the 13th so unlucky? 
  3. Two Straight Months with Friday the 13th 
    • Random but what did you do on February 13th?  I remember that I was nearly late to work because my car slid on ice.  I guess that isn’t something to be remembered….no harm done.
  4. 13 (More) Facts About Friday the 13th (It’s unclear why it’s feared…yet it is.  I needed an article to tell me that one).
  5. Here is a photo from my high school graduation on Friday June 13th.

    I'm the one who looks like I'm 10 feet reality I'm 5'8
    I’m the one in the back row who looks like I’m 10 feet tall…in reality I’m 5’8

Anyways, moving on.  Friday the 13th is unlucky (so stay safe)… 

But…Tomorrow is one of my favorite March Holidays…

Pi day!

Also because it’s 2015…at 9:26 am…it’s some magical time since all the numbers line up.  Many, many moons ago I was a math major in college…so math has a special day in my heart.  I took a lot of math courses in college (I was a math major for a while and decided to go into public health.  Long story short, math and pi day always has a special day in my heart!)

The funny this is, however, I don’t like pie.  (Hashtag #Cake4Life).   I do like Pi though! 

Here are Five Relevant Articles to Pie Day:

Here are some interesting Pi day facts to get your knowledge on:

pi day 2

  1. The Pi website 
  2. Facts and LOLZ: “What do you get if you divide the circumference of a jack-o’-lantern by its diameter? Pumpkin pi!”
  3. Everything and Anything Pi 
  4. Wiki How: To Celebrate Pi Day (this is hilarious)
  5. And because we know I love my memes: pi day meme 2


Since my blog generally has nothing to do with pie (but something to do with being unlucky) here are some updates from my personal life.

  1. Wedding planning has got me swamped. We have less than a month to go and it terrifies, overwhelms me and excites me.
  2. My butt is a pain in the butt. I have a post coming out on Sunday about my leg, hip and butt.  We have isolated the problem (somewhat) but there is a lot going on in my left leg.
  3. Make you work, make you work. I am working a lot.  I am busy, with my job…blogging is not my job.  I love you guys but I also love my job.  It’s like a 10 hour black hole of minimum internets.
  4. My facebook page only needs 17 more likes to get to 800. I’m not sure what 800 does for me, but please help me out!
  5. I’ve begun to Spring clean a bit when I have the time.  I have a lot of unused running gear, cool things and whatever else.  Some stuff I bought before trying it on and it doesn’t fit, etc.  I’ve debated doing a massive give away on the blog to people that will use it…or I’ll donate it to Goodwill.

Questions for you:

How will you celebrate Pi day?

What are your plans this weekend? 



  1. Just went over to help the FB cause! Did you know that pi day this year is extra special b/c of the 15? Only happens once every 100 yrs. Extra reason to eat all the pie, er, cake!

    So just curious–you don’t have high hamstring tendinopathy, do you? I had it once and there’s a great protocol for getting rid of it if that’s what you have.

  2. I hate math! I don’t like pie either. Can I celebrate with mini eggs and boxed red wine instead? I could totally arrange that for you.

  3. I went to PT today, there is a lot going on in my right leg. I was kind of apprehensive about my appointment, being Friday the 13th and all. A doctor’s office of any sort is not a fun place to be but especially not on Fri 13.

    I am excited about pie day! I am not a huge pie fan either but I think eating any round food counts :). I am doing a 5K race and will hope I run at least 3.14 miles in that race. It’s a trail run so probably will be a little longer. Loved your facts about it.

    I am also starting to spring clean a bit.

  4. Give away your gear, don’t donate to Goodwill if you don’t have to. The CEO makes about $500K a year and they hire adults with disabilities and pay them less than $1/hour.

    Weekend plans are my last long run before Shamrock, and a whole lot of nothing… I should probably do some foam rolling in there.

  5. On the horizon for this weekend is lots of moving and wedding related stuff. The most important task – dress fitting – lets hope it still fits!

  6. I was a math major! 🙂 I am going to knit, go to the gym, and hang out with friends this weekend. Woo hoo! Happy Friday!

  7. Totally forgot today is Friday the 13th! I’m going to a “Pi Off” tomorrow afternoon–should be a tasty time. 🙂

  8. AH! Thanks!!!! I forgot it was Pi day! I will probably go get a pie :). That is what we did last year. We almost never have pie…usually Thanksgiving and Christmas :)…and pi day! We like it just not enough to eat the whole pie. Last year I went to 3 different stores to find a french silk pie for my husband and kids…I am on that I don’t really like pie either boat. I will have a bite and it’s ok…but give me a big bowl of ice cream instead!!!! I have gotten a little spring cleaning bug too! 🙂

  9. I’ll be sure to like your fb page the next time I go on it. Actually, if I don’t that means I forgot, not because I’m being a 12 year old Myspace top friends type of girl 😛 Tomorrow I’m going to make a shamrock shake instead of a pie. I don’t really like pie…but I love shamrocks in the shake form…and I’ll probably drink green beer. Yum.

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