January 2017 Training

Birmingham mlk 5k

Training wise, January was a good month.  I didn’t PR, but I’ve been working diligently and training hard. I know I’m close to PRs…

Miles Run:  248
Workouts: 7
Longest Run: 12 miles
Shortest Run: 1-mile cooldown
Range of Pace: 5:54-10:30

Run for Jack 5k (18:30)*
MLK Birmingham 5k (18:40)
Polar Bear 5k (18:42)*
*Both of these races I did as workouts of 2X5k.

Favorite Race:
Out of the three, I enjoyed the Polar Plunge 5k the most. It was on the most difficult terrain, and it was a huge race. I never felt bad, but also not great.  I was happy with my results.  I enjoy racing in new states and environments.

Polar bear 5k atlanta me running

Best Workout:
4X60 seconds
1X10 minute
1X3 minute
4X60 seconds

I did this workout a few weeks ago and made my intervals and felt strong doing so.  Everything clicked, and I finished feeling great afterwards.

run for jack 5k bryn mawr

In summary, I’m happy with how January went. Thinking out loud, I had a lot going on between life and relocating to Alabama for the month. To be fair, I got every run that I needed too, but running didn’t take priority.  Despite not Pring, I do believe I’m in PR shape.

With my coach, I’m running fewer miles (and fewer races), but the pace has quickened.  I don’t mind, and I’ve enjoyed the change.

February has a few bigger races including the Double Bridges Run and Mercedes half marathon.  I hope to find a 5k towards the end of the month as well.

On another note, I’ll also move back to NJ, towards the middle of the month!  I have enjoyed my time in Alabama, but I’m looking forward to going home.

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  1. good luck on Feb’s races. Hope life down south is treating you will (especially in the winter)

    1. Thanks Nicole, we’ve actually had several tornado warnings/watches! So warmer, yes but still running on the treadmill :O

  2. Good luck in Feb’s races! Hope you’re enjoying life down south (great time out from NE winter)

  3. Those are some great workouts and 5k times. Yes I think you will PR next month. Maybe relocating with a different scenery made running a bit more fun and motivated.
    Good luck on your next races..
    Happy running hollie..

  4. Great job! Way better than my month. Only 25 runs and a paltry 175 miles. No races – no workouts. I am so far behind I think last year’s 18:06 PR in the 5K and 30:35 in the 8K might not be broken this year. I have a lot of work to do if I want to defend all my age group wins from 2016. I’ll follow your work to stay motivated!

  5. Nice work! It’s great you see and feel the progress in the process. Your dedication and hard work will definitely pay off during the spring racing season–and hopefully sooner. 🙂

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