Pi Day Memes

Pi day memes 2022

Do you want to celebrate the pi day but have no idea how? Enjoy these pi day memes.

As someone who was a math major in college, I love pi day. Did you know that Albert Einstein’s birthday is also March 14th? Neat.

March 14th isn’t to be confused with “pie day” on January 23rd. You can eat whatever pie you want on pi day. So yes, it’s ok to celebrate pi day by eating pie. It’s also ok to celebrate by sharing pi day memes.

Pizza pie?

Pie pie?

Pi day and Pie day are not the same! I don’t solve every weird or random food holiday, but pi day will always have a special place in my heart.

Here is a fun photo of me solving math things at a local diner in college. I was actually solving why a triangle is a triangle.

Naturally, on the fueledbyLOLZ blog, it only makes sense to share a few pi day memes.

Here are Pi Day Memes to Celebrate Pi Day:

For those who are into social media and selfies. Are selfies trendy anymore? I can’t keep up. 

pi day meme

We all know someone like this…

pi day meme 2022

For those who may or may not have friends celebrating pi day as well…Although if they aren’t celebrating, are they really friends?

pi day meme

This could be true?

Pi day memes 2022

For those actually going to the bar to celebrate pi day…seriously, maybe you’re goals. Take this pi day meme with you. I’m sure the bars make a pi day drink. 
pi day meme

I think most of us can conclude there has been enough March in 2020 and 2021. I don’t need any day in March to be infinite (for real). This pi day meme hits too close to home. 
pi day meme

Be honest, is this you?

pi day meme


For those doing a food challenge. This actually sounds terrible. This might not a celebration I want to do. I’ll just enjoy a pi day meme. 
pi day meme

Does anyone have any math teachers that would love this?

pi day meme

If your parents ever called you by your full name…then you know. You probably don’t want to celebrate pi day this way.

pi day meme

An oldie but goodie about pi day versus pie day 
Pi day memes 2022

How do you celebrate pi day?

Pi day memes 2022

Of course there is so much to celebrate on pi day!Pi day memes 2022

How else can you celebrate pi day?

  • Run the distance of Pi. Just kidding it would never end, but you could run 3.14 miles.
  • Make a pie. Not as fun as pi day memes! Admittedly, I have yet to make a pie, but that doesn’t mean you can’t. I’ve been eying a few recipes that I may or not make in the near future. I feel guilty saying enjoy cake better but pie still has a special place in my heart. If you have a good pie recipe, I would love to try making it.
  • Make a pizza pie using this recipe.
  • Memorize as much pi as possible. It’s infinite, you know, so if you have extra time, go out millions of places.
  • Write pi poetry. We know Haikus, but did you know there are Pikus? Even shorter!
  • Pi Day Drink: Apparently there are all sorts of pi day drinks. Who knew there were so many different pi day drinks and cocktails. The Boston Cream Pi Day Martini sounds fascinating to me.

Anyway, whether you love math or not, hopefully, you got to enjoy pi day in some capacity. At least enjoy a few pi day memes.

Questions for you:

How do you celebrate pi day? Pi day memes? 

Do you celebrate any fun holidays like pi day?

(yes, pie day also counts). There is a food holiday for everything.

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