adidas Supernova Shoe Review

adidas supernova shoe review

adidas Supernova Shoe Review

The adidas Supernova is a brand new shoe from adidas.  It replaced the adidas Glide.  I never ran in the adidas Glide, but I have run in the adidas Energy Boost which I liked.  On a sperate note, did you know the “a” in adidas is not capitalized?

So what is the draw of adidas? More often than not, people want adidas for the “boost cushion.”  What is a “boost?.

Boost is the material that adidas chooses to construct their shoes out of.  It’s a much more “bouncy” shoe, and it reminds me of a lot of Newtons (which for anyone who read my blog in 2010-2012, I almost exclusively ran in).

adidas Supernova Fit:
Like with the adidas energy boost and almost all of the adidas line, adidas Supernova fit narrow.  The adidas Supernova is seamless so if you have wider feet (like myself), then it will stretch to fit your foot.  However, the adidas Supernova toe box does run narrow.  In most models of shoes, I wear a 10 wide.  In the adidas Supernova, I wear a 10.  The 10.5 was too long, and the shoe does not exist in wide.  The adidas Supernova fit pretty well, but if there were a wide, I would have gone that route.

adidas supernova shoe review

A huge plus with the adidas Supernova is it’s seamless.  You don’t have to worry about the shoe rubbing bunions, or if you have a high instep, it won’t rub there either.

adidas Supernova Ride:
The boost material in adidas shoes makes them much more bouncy and responsive.  The heel of the adidas Supernova is well-cushioned where the forefront of the shoe has less boost and is more responsive.  With every step, I felt propelled off the ground as the boost material responded.

The Boost midsole gives a smoother and more flexible ride.  The neutral shoes and torsion system provides energy return with every step.

The adidas Supernova Glide is a great option for those who want a lightweight but want to stay in the adidas line.  Especially for someone currently training in the more cushioned shoes, the adidas Energy Boost.

Another bonus about adidas is they use Continental rubber outsole delivers  21% more traction in dry conditions and 23% more traction in wet conditions. It was my shoe of choice when running outside in any conditions with possible ice. The more inclement the weather, the more likely I am to gravitate towards the adidas Supernova.

adidas supernova shoe review

Similar Shoes of the adidas Supernova:

Brooks Launch, Asics Nimbus, ON Cloud Surfer, Saucony Ride

My Current Rotation:
Brooks Ghost 9 (easy runs, long runs)
Saucony Ride 9 (easy runs, long runs)
adidas Supernova
Saucony Type A (speed work)

I like the adidas Supernova a lot; I wish it came in wide!

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Questions for you:
Have you run in adidas before?
What is your favorite running shoe?



  1. I’ve never ran in Adidas before but I’ve always heard good reviews! I’m over pronounced and my feet really suffer in neutral shoes so I tend to always stick to Asics – I didn’t realise how difficult it was to find shoes that fit well! I’ve just bought a pair of Nike’s too which I’m using on my shorter runs and so far so good – I’ll definitely check out Adidas though 🙂

    1. Adidas do fit similar to Asics! Each running specialty brand does make a neutral shoe too 🙂

  2. Confession: I’ve never used Adidas to work out but only to live in. What would they call that? A lifestyle shoes
    🙂 🙂
    Now I’m curious….

  3. Big believer in Adidas! Their Boston 6 is a great tempo shoe and the Adidos boost 3 is super for speed.

  4. I started running in the Adidas Energy Boost over a year ago, and they are by far my favorite shoes ever! And I have run in a lot of different shoes for many years. I love how cushioned they are. I purchased them post stress fracture in my foot, and they felt great from the start eventhough the spot of my fracture was still sore. I have run over 500 miles in my first pair and could probably run more in them. For me, most shoes last 300-350 miles. I just purchased the Adizero Boston for tempo runs/track. I have only run in them once, but so far, so good. I’m a huge Adidas fan!

    1. I agree that adidas do last a lot longer than a typical shoe. Have you ever tried the Ultra Boost?

      1. I have not, but I am tempted. They are SO expensive. I was able to get both pairs of Energy Boosts that I have on sale. Have you run in the Ultra Boosts?

  5. I’ve been wearing the energy boost for about 200 miles and I LOVE them… I’m about to buy a second pair. Maybe I’ll try the supernova though for speed work!

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