Kenilworth Diner

Kenilworth Diner

Kenilworth Diner (Kenilworth)

At the beginning of the month, Danielle, Amelia and I met at the Kenilworth Diner in Kenilworth, New Jersey.  I had read it was one of the better diners in the area, so I had high expectations for it!

Kenilworth Diner Atmosphere: D

While the Kenilworth Diner looks big from the outside, it’s an awkward layout. We were sat in the corner booth next to the door.  We sat in a room with about ten tables, and it was cramped. Upon leaving and driving away, I noticed there was a whole second section with a bar.

I would have preferred not to sit next to the door at the Kenilworth Diner when it was 30 degrees out, and there were dozens of other booths available.

Kenilworth Diner Coffee: A
The coffee at the Kenilworth Diner was brewed from the local Lacas in Pennsauken. It was hot, fresh, and delicious. As I’ve mentioned before, Lacas is local, and I always enjoy their coffee. The coffee was refilled, often and I have no complaints.

Kenilworth Diner

Kenilworth Diner Service: C
The waitress at the Kenilworth Diner was aggressive and wasn’t overly friendly. I can’t put my finger on it, but it didn’t seem as if she wanted to be there.

Kenilworth Food: C
The Kenilworth diner menu is massive. They have everything a typical diner would. After the holidays, I decided to have a healthy meal finally and ordered a salad.

Online I read they had good portions and had a lot to them. I ordered the Greek salad with a side of salmon. The salad at the Kenilworth Diner was small, but there were a few toppings. It was missing a few “typical” Greek salad items like onions, pita bread, and tomatoes but in total it was a decent salad. The salmon portion was huge and took up more space than the actual salad.  If it’s an entree salad, it should come with some bread.

Kenilworth Diner

Kenilworth Diner Cost: $$
For my salad, coffee, and side of pita it was $22. For the amount of food as well as quality, it wasn’t worth it.

Overall/Would I come back to the Kenilworth Diner?
The Kenilworth Diner was okay, but not great. There are several in the area that I like much better that I would go too before the Kenilworth. The atmosphere, as well as the waitress, took away from experience as a whole. It was great to see Danielle and Amelia, of course, though.

Atmosphere: D
Coffee: A
Service: C
Food: C
Cost: $$
Overall: C

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Questions for you:
What is the strangest restaurant layout you’ve been too?

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  1. It must have been pretty unpleasant sitting near the door in those temps! That plus not so nice wait staff sounds like you really could have had a much better experience there.

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