Training: 200s and 5ks

Last week was a good training week for me. I feel like that has been my opening statement for the last few training logs.  Boring, but true?

As many people know (from Instagram), I was on the road most of last week.  My husband and I took a mini trip to Upstate, NY to visit our alma maters as well as hike in the Adirondacks.  The hiking didn’t work out as much but we enjoyed our time together

Monday: Easy 60 minutes
Tuesday: Easy 65 minutes
Wednesday: 12X200s
Thursday: Easy 45 minutes
Friday: Easy 70 minutes
Saturday: 2X5k
Sunday: Rest
Total: 60 miles

Running while on the road is always fun.  You get to run in new places and explore new routes.  While most of my easy runs were boring, it was still fun to explore new places such as Lake Placid, Potsdam and Syracuse.

me running lake placid

Workout 1: 12X200s
On Wednesday, I was at my alma mater, SUNY Potsdam, so I opted to use my old track.   It was windy but I felt pretty good during the workout.  Since it was about 1.5 miles worth of workout, it seemed to go by fast.

Workout 2: 2X5k
I actually did the second 5k at a race.  This workout has a lot going on.  I should mention the day before, my husband I went flying on an extremely windy/turbulent day.  I actually ended up puking on the plane so I wasn’t feeling the best going into the workout.

First 5k: 20:48

Second 5k: 19:20 (also a race)

Honestly, I’m glad I signed up for a race because it was much easier to push myself.  I was able to run 90 seconds faster and run harder.  I’ll have a recap of the entire workout and race soon. In summary, I’m glad I ran the workout but I didn’t feel great post flight.

I’m happy with the week.  Even though I was traveling, I was able to get quality runs and workouts in.  Plus, I got many of them with my husband! Next week is the Philadelphia Half Marathon.  I’m looking forward to seeing what I can do there.

Questions for you:
Have you ever done a workout in a race?
Do you workout while traveling?


  1. Great job running while traveling. My running typically goes down the drain when I’m in a new city. My fear of getting lost is too great.

  2. Sounds like you had some good workouts… I can’t believe you got in 60 miles when traveling (your easy pace must be pretty speedy too). I’ve worked on out some vacations and not others… if it’s a vacation where I will do a lot of walking, I tend not to run. We walked so much in Seattle that I did not miss running. Also since Clay doesn’t run, I want to spend my vacation time with him and not make him wait on me to run. We don’t do very many vacations so I don’t mind the little break… I try to get in a heavy week before and after and just use the vacation as a cutback week!

  3. It’s fun to have a running spouse and to explore new places while on vacation. My husbands likes to stalk all the Strava segments anywhere we go and then, of course, he likes to go chase those segments. Awesome week of running and workouts. The scenery also looks beautiful!

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