The Breakfast Club, Etc. (Lake Placid)

The Breakfast Club, Etc. (Lake Placid)

While in Lake Placid last week, I decided to go to the Breakfast Club, Ect.  While looking at possible places to eat while traveling, many people recommended going.  When I browsed the Breakfast Club, Etc. menu, I noticed how many delicious items they had.  It’s one of the few restaurants/diners; I’ve actually looked at the menu beforehand and based my choice on that.


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The Breakfast Club, Etc. Atmosphere: A
Breakfast Club, Etc is located right on the Main Street of Lake Placid.  Since it’s on the Main Street, it’s attached to many different restaurants and isn’t a stand-alone building.

The inside of the Breakfast Club, Etc is cute and has a local vibe to it.  There is a bar, plenty of booths and tables.  Both times we went, we were lucky to get a booth.  I can only imagine how busy the Breakfast Club, Ect can be!

The Breakfast Club, Etc. Service: C 
During our stay in Lake Placid, we went twice to The Breakfast Club, Etc.  The first time we went, we wanted to get there right at the opening because we were hiking afterward. The website listed opening at both 7:30 and 8 so we called ahead and asked what time they opened.  The employee told us they opened at 8.  When we arrived at eight on the dot, we noticed other diners.  We asked the waitress when they opened at she said 7:30.  We were somewhat upset but let it go.

Once seated, the service at the Breakfast Club, Etc was fine. The waitresses brought out plenty of coffee, and our food was brought out quickly.

The Breakfast Club, Etc Coffee: A
The coffee as Breakfast Club, Ect is one of my favorite coffees to date.  The whipped cream is homemade, and the coffee itself is bold and hot.  I would go there just for coffee if that was an option!

Breakfast club, etc lake placid

The Breakfast Club, Etc Food: A
The Breakfast Club, Ect menu is small.  They have a lot of specialty pancakes like bacon, or maple whipped cream. A few of the Breakfast Club, Etc menu items that stood out include the french toast, smoked salmon, breakfast sandwiches, and cheddar biscuits, corned beef, and home fries. The Breakfast Club, Etc also has a full-service bar that serves bloody marys and signature mimosas. Nothing like a diner with a full bar.

Interestingly enough, the Breakfast Club, Etc doesn’t even start serving lunch until noon, and we got there when they were only serving breakfasts.  I typically eat an earlier lunch (between 11-12) so I was disappointed I wasn’t able to try anything around 11:30.

The first time I went to the Breakfast Club, Etc, I ordered the maple waffle.  The waffle came out as pancakes! It was confusing but okay.  There was plenty of maple whipped cream as well as pure syrup.  The pancakes were some of the best I’ve had.  I’m glad I don’t live close by the Breakfast Club, Etc because I’m not sure my stomach or wallet needs that daily.  It was incredible.

Breakfast club, etc lake placid

The second time I went to the Breakfast Club, Etc, I ordered a nova lox omelet with a side of fruit and rye toast.  The omelet was great and wasn’t messy.  I felt as if it had a lot of ingredients without breaking the omelet itself. They buttered the toast a lot and butter makes everything better.

Breakfast club, etc lake placid

Both meals at the Breakfast Club, Etc were equally as good.  As most people know, whipped cream is my favorite so I liked the maple waffle/pancake the best.

The Breakfast Club, Etc Cost: $$
For my coffee and both entrees, the cost was $14.  While it was more expensive the quality, of food made it worth it.

Summary/Would I come back to the Breakfast Club, Etc (Lake Placid)? 
I liked the Breakfast Club, Ect a lot and I would go back anytime in Lake Placid.  The Breakfast Club, Etc is one of my favorite brunch places (now that I know their hours)

Atmosphere: A
Service: C
Coffee: A
Food: A
Cost: $12-16
Overall: A

You can see all of the diner reviews here. 

Questions for you:
What time do you typically eat lunch? 
Do you like pancakes or waffles better? 


Mini Trip to Upstate New York

Mini Trip to Upstate New York

Last week, my husband and I went on a mini vacation through Upstate, New York.  Those who have been reading LOLZ blog long enough, know we both went to college in Upstate. While we have both been to New York since neither of us had been that far north since graduation. When we left last Sunday, we had no plans and played everything by ear.  After getting home from the Run the Bridge 10k, we just packed the car and drove north.

First, we drove to Lake Placid.  I hadn’t been there since January of 2011.  Last time I went to Lake Placid, it was -30 (not an exaggeration).  This time it felt like the Caribbean and was between running lake placidLake Placid and the Adirondacks are beautiful.  My husband and I both miss it so we spent a day hiking.
hiking in the adirondacksWe went to the Adirondack Loj and spent time hiking there.  It was much colder in the mountains, and I was glad to have mittens, a hat and winter jacket.  We even saw snow on the ground.  hiking in the adirondacksAfter spending a couple of days hiking in the Adirondacks, we headed west to our alma maters in Potsdam, NY.  It’s crazy to think over five years ago, I started LOLZ blog in Potsdam.  potsdam new york

A day in Potsdam was enough.  Honestly, I’m four years out of college, and my friends have graduated, so there isn’t a whole heck of a lot up there for either of us.  A day was enough.hiking in the adirondacks tim and i

We headed down to Syracuse and spent the day enjoying that and meeting up with one of my closest friends (and well known “interneter” (is that a word?) Heather.  We met up at one the local breweries, Empire.  I’ve been to Empire several times and have had a positive experience every time.Heather and IFrom there we relaxed and ran in one of my favorite Upstate, NY parks, Onondaga.  I’ve run several races there, most noticeably, the Lake Effect Half Marathon where I was able to raise 2500 dollars for Ophelia’s Place as well as win.  That race still holds a lot of memories for me and is one of my favorites.  I’ll eventually get back there to do it one year.

The trip was such a great time.  My husband and I enjoyed visiting.  Upstate New York will always have a special place in my heart. It’s where I went to college, met my husband, began to love running and made many of my adult friends.

It feels like such a blur since living in both Potsdam and Oswego.  Even though it has only been three years, it seems like a different lifetime ago!
Questions for you:
Where did you go to college? Have you been back to visit?
Has it snowed yet where you are?

Training: 200s and 5ks

Training: 200s and 5ks

Last week was a good training week for me. I feel like that has been my opening statement for the last few training logs.  Boring, but true?

As many people know (from Instagram), I was on the road most of last week.  My husband and I took a mini trip to Upstate, NY to visit our alma maters as well as hike in the Adirondacks.  The hiking didn’t work out as much but we enjoyed our time together

Monday: Easy 60 minutes
Tuesday: Easy 65 minutes
Wednesday: 12X200s
Thursday: Easy 45 minutes
Friday: Easy 70 minutes
Saturday: 2X5k
Sunday: Rest
Total: 60 miles

Running while on the road is always fun.  You get to run in new places and explore new routes.  While most of my easy runs were boring, it was still fun to explore new places such as Lake Placid, Potsdam and Syracuse.

me running lake placid

Workout 1: 12X200s
On Wednesday, I was at my alma mater, SUNY Potsdam, so I opted to use my old track.   It was windy but I felt pretty good during the workout.  Since it was about 1.5 miles worth of workout, it seemed to go by fast.

Workout 2: 2X5k
I actually did the second 5k at a race.  This workout has a lot going on.  I should mention the day before, my husband I went flying on an extremely windy/turbulent day.  I actually ended up puking on the plane so I wasn’t feeling the best going into the workout.

First 5k: 20:48

Second 5k: 19:20 (also a race)

Honestly, I’m glad I signed up for a race because it was much easier to push myself.  I was able to run 90 seconds faster and run harder.  I’ll have a recap of the entire workout and race soon. In summary, I’m glad I ran the workout but I didn’t feel great post flight.

I’m happy with the week.  Even though I was traveling, I was able to get quality runs and workouts in.  Plus, I got many of them with my husband! Next week is the Philadelphia Half Marathon.  I’m looking forward to seeing what I can do there.

Questions for you:
Have you ever done a workout in a race?
Do you workout while traveling?

Senior Citizen Discount

After speaking with my real life friends I have come to realize that I am indeed a 90 year woman trapped in a 23 year olds body.  With the exception of running, I am highly certain most of my habits resemble that of older people.  I see nothing wrong with my lifestyle (except I don’t get the senior citizen discount) and I guess neither did my later college roommates.  In several living situations I was nicknamed the grandma of the house or grandma of swim practice.

Thank you college roommates!

It never really bothers me though and I do what makes me happy and healthy.  I guess it just goes with my off and awkward style.

I’ve just compiled a list of my “grandma quirks”.

I normally fall asleep by 9-10pm.  In my defense, I try and log off the computer over 30 minutes beforehand.  (so no I really don’t go to sleep most of the time at 8:30).  I’ve always found I sleep better if I log off far before I actually go to bed.

Going along with my sleeping habits I normally wake up at 6am…and gasp I really enjoy it.  I enjoy my personal time in the morning to relax.  Sometimes Tim is up, sometimes he is not.  Either way my natural alarm goes off around 6 or so.  Sometimes it’s 6:01 and sometimes it’s 5:58…but we all can’t be perfect.

My meals normally reflect earlier hours too.  I normally eat when I wake up, I’m starving for lunch around 11, starving for dinner around 4-5.  This just means I get all the “early bird” specials.

I think older people like to gather and flock to diners to get coffee.  What a coincidence…me too.  Yes I like coffee but you won’t catch me often with those new age folks getting fancy lattes at starbucks or hip coffee shops.  Nothing beats the taste of a burnt cup of joe, being a regular and ordering the same thing multiple times in the same booth at your local diner.

Ah yes diner joe.  Nice and burnt and with whip cream.

Ah yes diner joe. Nice and burnt and with whip cream.

I take a plethora of vitamins.  I take a multivitamin, “joint lubricant pills” and calcium/vitamin D.  I keep them all in their respectable MTWTFSS compartments in my pill box.  I know I’m 23 and have a “pill box”.   It keeps me organized and I know whether or not I have taken them.

I would rather lay on my couch and watch TV and relax versus going out to the bar on weekends.  Throughout later college it was what I did.  Maybe that’s a runner thing but I like to relax versus going out.  Don’t get me wrong, I did go out in college and we do go out now but nine times out of ten we are still back by ten on weekends.

I sit really close to the computer and really close to the TV.  I wear glasses (fun fact) but my vision isn’t terrible (-2.25) I just like to be close to everything.  I also like to have the volume up really high…

I also like to wear 100 layers.  I don’t really mind when the temperature drops a little bit because no one can judge me in my patterned cable knit sweaters.  I have been known to tell people dressed up for “ugly sweater parties” they look really nice.

So many layers, so little time.  Actually it was -40 in Lake Placid that day and I can truly say that is the coldest I've ever been.

So many layers, so little time. Actually it was -40 in Lake Placid that day and I can truly say that is the coldest I’ve ever been…but at least I was photobombed by some dog sledders.

I drive a Pontiac firebird and after getting 2 speeding tickets in upstate NY, I drive slow (not dangerously slow but not fast).  People expect I’ll go whirling down the road at 90 miles an hour in NJ.  They have a rude awakening….I fear tickets more then I fear getting injured so I’ll stay in the right hand lane and let those youngins get pulled over and pass me.

Due to the weather conditions, here is an appropriate photo of my car from college...same car different snow...

Due to the weather conditions, here is an appropriate photo of my car from college…same car different snow…

Question for you: What is one of your quirks? 

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