If I Had One Running Outfit…

The other day I was cleaning out my clothing, and I thought…what if I only had one running outfit for each season.

Most of the clothing I chose is similar to the post I wrote a post about my favorite styles for running in “bad weather.”

This post is unsponsored and many pieces are recent, but some are from a while back.

I’m always interested in other people’s favorite things.

PS: The Holiday season is coming up if you need my address…;)

If I Only Had One Running Outfit…Base Layers:

Favorite Sports Bra:

Brooks Moving Comfort Uprise: ($48.00)

I have yet to find anything that compares to the brand of Moving Comfort.  Moving Comfort only makes a few pieces of women’s apparel but specializes in sports bras.  There is a reason they are number one in the industry.  I’ve tried many other brands, and for me, these are the best.tim's dad and i

Moving Comfort has removable pads, don’t chafe and fit my broad shoulders (YAY swimming).  Working in running retail, I’ve tried most brands, and I truly believe Moving Comfort makes the best Sports Bras in the industry. They make sports bras for any size.

If I Only Had One Running Outfit…Socks:

CEP Low Cut Socks ($20.00)

Right now I love my CEP Compression Socks.  After my ankle injury, I wanted socks that promote blood flow to my feet as well.

cep compression capris
I’ve got compression for my compression…

Because my calves and my feet are not proportional, I prefer the calf sleeves and socks (versus just the knee-high socks).  CEP is medical grade compression which means that it does promote blood flow more than other brands.  Since my calves do get tight frequently, they are the best for me.

Long sleeve:  This one by Saucony.  It’s thick and warm, but it’s also reversible.  That way, when I’m getting ready in the dark in the morning, it doesn’t matter if it’s inside out. 😉

Arm Warmers: Oiselle (similar style $38.00)

They no longer sell the arm warmers I currently use.  I like that the Oiselle arm warmers have thumb holes but also that they stay on my arms without falling down.

grilled cheese and tomato soup run

If I Only Had One Running Outfit…Short-Sleeve:

Tank-Top: Saucony Dash.  

It’s seamless, lightweight and breathable. I have the tank, short sleeve and long sleeve and it’s one of my favorite lines.  I highly recommend any of their tops.

me running 1


If I Only Had One Running Outfit…Shorts:

Short: Lululemon What the Sport Short.  I like these because they are longer, having a pocket and dry quickly.  In my luck with rain, this is necessary.

Pants: Tracksmith Bislett Pants: You need shorts and pants so it counts.  The Tracksmith Bislett Pants are awesome for running or lounging.  I’ve recently tried Tracksmith because the Tracksmith sizing fits me well. I’m usually a women’s small and it works. Tracksmith is a newer company and there aren’t a lot of Tracksmith reviews yet, but the shorts are high quality and the Tracksmith Bislett Pants have stirrup, which stays down for running and are comfortable.

Flying Fish 5k
If you look closely you can see my car key in my pocket.


Questions for you:

What are your favorite pieces of running apparel?  (Share links!)

Do you store things in running shorts pockets? 


  1. I wish moving g comfort worked for me . That same bra completely destroyed my boobs. It took me 2 weeks to figure out which bra was causing it, and when I came back from a run all beat up, I immediately took scissors to it so I wouldn’t forget again. (Extra sad day since it was a nice looking bra and expensive!!)

    1. That’s so interesting Christine. Did you talk to Moving Comfort about it? They are generally good with returns. I have a few other recommendations for pretty much any size if you ever need them.

  2. I’m loving the Oiselle Flyte shorts right now (http://www.oiselle.com/shop/running-bottoms/flyte-short)–but it’s still warm enough to wear them in South Carolina. My husband always makes fun of me because they’re way more scandalous than the rest of my running shorts, but they’re soooo comfortable, and I don’t feel scandalous wearing them. 😉 I’ve been looking for some better socks for a while, I might try the CEP ones. I always have foot/calf problems so anything to help is a win!

  3. I need to check these items out. I do have those arm warmers and love them but I’m always afraid to race in them because I don’t want to have to ditch them ($$$) 😉 Those shorts look cute and comfortable!

  4. I have this pair of running shorts that I got years ago, and I LOVE them. I”ll be sad when they can’t be used anymore.

  5. I’ve always wanted arm warmers but been scared I might have to ditch them on a course and they cost a lot! Usually I wear the throw away gloves. Sometimes it is cold enough for long sleeves in a race and I wear those too. My favorite running items are definitely Saucony Bullet shorts and some of the saucony tank tops. The Nike miler singlets are great too.

    1. That’s interesting about VS! I tried one before and I chafed but I think I’ll have to try again.

  6. I need to try Moving Comfort at some point. I had a perfect sports bra from Champion (super tight but didn’t chafe me), but then they revamped their whole Target line and it is pretty terrible IMHO. As for bottoms, I love shorts with pockets, but as a curvy lady have a hard time finding brands that sell my size (XL/14/16) OR where the shorts are long enough that I don’t chafe like crazy. Currently enjoying Skirt Sports Cascade skirt. The length of the shorts just seems to work for me, and there is a pocket on each leg. http://www.skirtsports.com/product/cascade-skirt/

    1. sorry, had to chime in – I agree on the Target Champion bras! I used to love them and then they did the band in ribbing and it causes a chafing for me. But I am flat chested so this new Jockey “sports bra” is my favorite thing… looking up the link now to post below 🙂

  7. Lululemon speed track shorts were my favorite find this year. I have 5 pairs I think. The pockets are amazing! Also a big fan of the lulu run stuff your bra (more pockets!). I finally bought my first lululemon gear this year and went off the deep end.

  8. This is so fun! I found the greatest “sports bra” for me. I am an A so I don’t need a lot of support. It is sooo comfy. I wear it under clothes and have them for running too. Definitely wouldn’t be enough support for someone with a large chest but if anyone else out there needs very minimal support, this is the comfiest thing ever. Not an official “sports bra” (jockey does have sports bras but I haven’t tried them). (haaa, i just noticed that this is called a “bralette” – not even a full-on bra and it’s fine for me. hee #imokaywithsmallchest). http://www.jockey.com/catalog/product/modern-micro-crop-top

    Do you find the Lulu tight shorts okay in terms if riding up the (sorry) crotch? Most pairs of tights, etc ride up so much. I don’t like to wear undies underneath so I feel like Under Armour has finally solved this issue. These shorts are a MAJOR find in my opinion. There is NO middle seam! No pockets though… https://www.underarmour.com/en-us/womens-ua-react-4-volleyball-shorts/pid1232843

    This is my favorite long-sleeved. I let my friend borrow it and she did NOT want to give it back. http://www.brooksrunning.com/en_us/brooks-womens-dash-half-zip/220977.html?dwvar_220977_color=305#start=1

      1. Oops. sorry for all my replies. i got my tracksmith order. the proportions don’t work for my body! the leg part was too loose and the waist was too small. so if i bought a bigger size the leg would be way too big. ah well. i can tell the brand just won’t work for me. plenty of other brands that work so it’s all good 🙂

  9. I do sometimes carry a key in my shorts pocket, but because I’m always super paranoid, I find myself checking the pocket every 10 minutes or so. I now use my flipbelt to carry my keys and whatever else I’m holding. 🙂

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