Training: Need for Speed and Bridge Runs

Last week was a good week of training for me.  My legs felt tired, but I got everything I needed to be done.

Monday: Easy 60 minutes
Tuesday: 8X1 minute hard
Wednesday: Easy 50 minutes
Thursday: 9 miles
Friday: AM: 4 miles
PM: 7 miles
Saturday: 11 miles easy with friend
Sunday: Run the Bridge 10k


Tuesday’s Workout: 8X1 minute hard

The goal was to get a quick turnover.  I ran hard for a minute and then recovered. I haven’t done formal or quality speed work since my injury. Even before my injury, I was doing longer tempos and mile repeats.  Doing shorter workouts are going to improve my 5k speed.  I do all of my workouts on the road versus track (because that’s where I typically race).

Run the Bridge 10k: 38:57

As you can gather, my body was tired.  It was a rare week that I did not take a rest day.  Several of my runs were shorter. Lining up at the Bridge Run, my body was tired, and I felt it.  The course itself is difficult, and it was windy as well.

Ben Franklin Bridge
The Ben Franklin that the race runs over. Photo credit here.

I’ll have a recap later this week.  I’m happy with my time, and I do believe I’m in PRing shape.  The weather was beautiful and that is one step above where I have been.

Questions for you:
Have you ever run over a Bridge?
How many rest days do you take weekly?